Cleaning Up Grease Spills

Grease Spilling from Squeeze Bottle

A messy upset of cooking grease or oil can be a challenge to clean up. This guide is about cleaning up grease spills.


Solutions: Cleaning Up Grease Spills

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Tip: Cleaning Up Grease Spills in the Kitchen

Clean up grease or oil spills by sprinkling flour over the spill. The flour soaks up the spill and can then be easily scraped up and disposed of. This prevents the grease or oil from being spread around while trying to wipe it up with a paper towel or rag.

By Lisa

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Tip: Vinegar for Cleaning Kitchen Up Grease

Plain apple cider vinegar with a paper towel does a great job of cleaning off the grease from our enameled stove! (I rinse with water.)

By Pamphyila from L.A., CA

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Tip: Grease Spills In The Oven

If grease or oil spills in your oven, quickly toss some salt on the stain. Once the oven has cooled off and the salt has dried, brush it out of your oven. Most of the stain should be gone.

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