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Crafts Using Fleece Scraps

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Craft Using Fleece

There are many fun crafts that can be make using your leftover fleece scraps. This is a guide about crafts using fleece scraps.


Solutions: Crafts Using Fleece Scraps

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Tip: Polar Fleece Dish Cloth

If you love to work with polar fleece, like I do, you'll have plenty of scraps. I cut them into 9 inch squares and use as a dishcloth. I was so surprised at how absorbent they are.

By Sheryl from Hesperia, MI

Fleece Fiddle Bugs

Finished bug on laptop palm rest.

I always make cute little things out of fleece, which I love the feel of. There are always little bits left after making no sew fleece mini pillows.

I take the little bit of fleece, and cut little legs on either side of the little scrap, and then pull it to stretch it. It looks like a little bug. You can draw eyes on them or just leave them.

They are a big hit with the little kids and the animals try to steal them all the time.

    Piece of pink fleece.Cutting legs down the length of the piece.View of finished bug from underside.

    By Robyn Fed [388]

    Easy Fleece Hair Bow

    Finished bow, resembling a pom pom.This is a bow for girls, using scraps of fleece. You can vary the size by cutting it wider or shorter or longer.

    Approximate Time:


    • fleece, use 1-1/4 inch piece by 26 inches for one bow
    • scissors
    • glue gun
    • clip for hair


    1. Cut a strip 1-1/4 inches by 26 inches.
    2. Cut long strip.

    3. Make clips on width approximately every 1/4 inch, but not all the way to edge.
    4. Clipping across width.

    5. Heat glue gun.
    6. Glue the edge that has not been clipped, rolling into a circle as you glue.
    7. Applying glue step. Rolling after applying glue.

    8. Cut circle to fit back.
    9. Attach circle to back.

    10. Glue on clip.
    11. Glue on hair clip.

    By Elaine S. from near Cedar Rapids, IA

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    Here are questions related to Crafts Using Fleece Scraps.

    Question: Crafts Using Fleece Fabric Scraps

    What can I use fleece scrapes for?

    By dd


    Most Recent Answer

    By Isobel Gregory [11]09/03/2012

    I use mine for making rag rug pictures.

    RE: Crafts Using Fleece Fabric Scraps

    Question: Uses for Fleece Scraps

    I have little squares of fleece leftover from making blankets. Any suggestions for uses?

    Connie from Owosso


    Most Recent Answer

    By Molly McGee04/03/2010

    I use my scraps to make teddy bears to donate to law enforcement agencies to give to kids who have been in accidents or domestic abuse situations. They're nothing fancy, but they're soft and cuddly. It gives kids something to hold on to. I found a simple one piece pattern on the internet. Cut two pieces the same for front and back. I bought eyes and noses since I was afraid to use buttons. The features could be embroidered if you wanted to. I used my copier to enlarge/reduce the pattern to use with different size scraps. To dress up the bears I put a ribbon bow around the neck and tacked it several places to keep it in place.