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Crafts Using License Plates

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License Plates Decorating a Wall

You may have seen old license plates nailed to the walls of sheds and barns, but there are many craft projects that can be made using license plates. This is a guide about crafts using license plates.


Solutions: Crafts Using License Plates

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Car Tag (License Plate) Flag

Car Tag (License Plate) Flag

Car Tag (License Plate) Flag

Make an American flag from an old car tag.

Approximate Time: 30 minutes


  • old car tag (license plate)
  • spray paint (red or white)
  • acrylic paint
  • sealer
  • star stencil
  • wire


    Spray paint the tag (license plate) using either red or white. That way you will only have to paint one set of stripes. Let dry.

  1. Paint on your blue background for stars, let dry.
  2. Paint on your other colored stripes, let dry.
  3. Use your star stencil to paint on the stars. You can free hand if you like or don't have a stencil.
  4. When the stars are dry paint with glitter paint.
  5. When completely dry, seal with acrylic sealer and let dry.
  6. Put wire in holes at top of tag. Hang and enjoy. Great for the upcoming 4th.

By Sandy from Bluff City, TN

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Question: Making A License Plate Purse

Does anyone know how to make a license plate purse or tote with two plates? My husband is a volunteer fireman and they changed the design so I have 2 plates I would love to make something with! Thanks!

Jana from La Crosse, WI


Most Recent Answer

By D11/16/2008

I have made several, you can see them on my bog. I'd be happy to share instuctions. I only use 1 plate but you could make 2 purses.


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License Plate Bird House

License Plate Bird House

Photo Description
I had never made a bird house before but I got the inspiration one day, this is the result.

I had some wood scraps I had laying around and some old license plates and some left over paint. License Plate Bird House

By Viet [5]