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Crafts Using Terra Cotta Flower Pots

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Terra cotta flower pots are an excellent choice for making a variety of crafts both for your home and garden. This is a guide about crafts using terra cotta flower pots.


Solutions: Crafts Using Terra Cotta Flower Pots

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Making a Terra Cotta Lighthouse

Terra Cotta LighthouseThis is a guide about making a terra cotta lighthouse. An inexpensive craft project made with clay pots is a lighthouse for a garden decoration.

Tip: Bubble Gum Machine Candy Dish

This would be a neat gift for anyone or a great conversation piece for your home or office. I purchased each piece for $1 or less at the local craft store.
  1. Take a 3 inch terra cotta pot and a 3 inch terra cotta saucer and paint them red (traditionally) or any other color you desire. Allow to dry. Make sure to paint both the inside and out of both pieces.

  2. Find a small glass bowl that the base will fit plumb with the bottom of the terra cotta pot. With hot glue or epoxy/silicone sealant, turn pot upside down and glue to the bottom of the glass bowl.

  3. If desired, you can paint (with black paint marker) a "hole" where the gum would come out of a real gumball machine.

  4. Fill with gumballs or other assorted candy and then place the painted saucer in the top of the bowl.
And there you have it. I made this for less than $5 and that includes the gumballs. Hope you enjoy!

Renee from Dickinson, TX

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Tip: Mini Bell Decoration

small hanging bell decorationThis is a mini bell I made from a terra cotta pot, paint, and odds n ends.

By moonseekerjade from Onset, MA

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Pom Pom Plant Candy Dish

Pom Pom Plant Candy DishThis adorable faux plant is perfect for hiding your secret stash of candy!


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Question: Craft Ideas Using Terra Cotta Pots

Does anyone have any ideas on what to do with small terra cotta pots and drip pans. I bought some at hobby lobby and don't know what to do with them. I could plant something in them but I want to do a craft. Thanks.

By sassier299 from Burtchville, MI

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By Debby 21 90 06/25/2009

I've made candle holders out of them. Turn the pot upside down on a flat surface. Glue the saucer to the bottom of the pot. Saucer should be facing up. Paint anyway you like. I like to put felt or foam on the bottom of mine so they don't scratch surfaces.

I also make coasters out of the saucers. Paint them anyway you like and spray with a protective sealer. Glue felt on the bottom.

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