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Curtains for Basement with Uneven Walls

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I'm wanting to add dramatic long floor to ceiling curtains to make the room feel more roomy. However the issue is we have these ugly ledge walls. Not sure exactly what they are called, but the bottom half sticks out 7 inches more then the top half. I hate it and need ideas on how I can make this work as both the windows are right under this "ledge".

By Dephany


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By Frugal Sunnie [11]02/14/2013

Without seeing a picture I'm not really sure this will work for you, but you can get curtain/drapery rods that extend especially far out from the wall. Using those should compensate for the unusual wall feature.

If you live in a hot/cold climate and were hoping to get some insulation factor from placing the curtains close enough to the windows to 'hug' the wall and thereby cut heat/cool loss, you can use a 'pelmet' style valance at the top of the rods to minimize the loss:

By Robyn [369]02/13/2013

Can you provide a picture?

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