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DVD Player Tray Won't Open

DVD Player

It is extremely frustrating when the DVD tray won't open. It may be time for a new one, or maybe not. This is a guide about DVD player tray won't open.



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Question: DVD Tray Will Not Open

We have a Sylvania TV with built-in VCR and DVD. Several months ago the DVD quit working. It simply will not open either by using the controls or pushing the buttons on the unit.

There is no DVD in it, we can pull the door (?) tray thing down and see that there doesn't seem to be anything in it. Does anyone know if it is dead or if maybe it's just stuck and there's a way to get it open? Thanks.

By J L from Tulsa, OK

Best Answer

By Lisa03/30/2010

When my daughter was much smaller, she opened the DVD tray and put a second DVD on top of the one that was already in there. After discussing it with some guy friends, my husband removed some screws and opened the DVD player to retrieve the DVDs (after unplugging it, of course!). I think we were even able to use the player afterward. It wasn't nearly as traumatic as we thought it would be. Don't know if this would help you, but maybe.