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Dishwasher Soap Reviews

Reviews of soap for dishwashers. Which one works best for you? Post your ideas.



Out of all the dishwasher products, Wal-mart's is the best. I heard this on the Seattle news. They did a study on it. Not only is it a better product, but it's the cheapest.

By Ardis Barnes (07/22/2005)

By ThriftyFun

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

Wal-mart brand is ok for light stuff but cascade is best and recommended by my repairman. (07/22/2005)

By Audrey

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

I recently bought a portable dish washer. I was given a sample of cascade. Not bad, but when it ran out, I bought Palmolive (the yellow one). BIG mistake. I bought the big bottle to be thrifty and not have to buy more for a long time. Every time I used it, it did something to my dishwasher, besides sudsing like crazy, my dishwasher would flood over, causing a mess on my kitchen floor. I first thought it was my dishwasher. However, when I bought Cascade complete (the orange scent smells wonderful) it works like a dream. I do have some Wal Mart powdered, but I prefer the liquid. I will use the Wal Mart in a pinch, but I think Cascade is the one for me. (07/22/2005)


By KLS8800

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

I have used a dishwashing detergent from Dollar General for over two years. It's the best I have ever seen. It is a powder and it has 85 oz. for only $2.00 and it says compare to Cascade and it has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Can't beat the price! (07/23/2005)

By June.

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

Costco's own brand (Kirkland) dishwasher detergent is just as good as Cascade - and so much cheaper. (07/24/2005)

By Joankay

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

The product I like best for my dishwasher is Method Pink Grapefruit. It is not much more than anything I have purchased previously. It's sold at Target. (08/01/2005)

By Marta

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

Consumer Reports also gave Walmart powder detergent great reviews for performance and value. It's all I use now. I used to use Electrasol, but I got sick of spotty dishes. I spotted the write up in CR and switched right away. (08/08/2005)

By Karls_Mommy

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

I'll have to try that Wal-Mart brand. I'm assuming you mean "Great Value"....I have used that brand in many other items and have found them to be as good as the name brand if not better! For years I've been buying a bucket of powdered dishwasher detergent from Sam's Club. It used to be Electrosol but now I don't know the brand. I just know I grab a bucket. I have never had a problem with it and the dishes come out great. I think probably any detergent will do the job but the type of dishwasher you have and your water has more to do with it. (06/22/2006)


By Debbie52

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

I believe AOL...or someone.....just ate my feedback! So I'll try this again!
I agree with Debbie52. Water condition and style of dishwasher probably has more to do with whether your dishes are clean than the actual dishwasher detergent. I have used most brands available depending on what was on sale or if I had a coupon. My favorite has been Electrasol. Even when using Electrasol, when I have a large rack of clear glassware, I will interrupt the last rinse cycle and pour in 1/2 to 1 cup of white vinegar. It makes the dishes film or spots! Much cheaper and better than the expensive rinse aids they try to sell you. (06/22/2006)

By Grandma Margie

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

Anyone have any suggestions for household brands and products NOT tested on animals? Most products, for bath, body and household are tested on animals by having them drink these many products, everything from cleaners to perfumes and lotions which are literally poured down an animal's throat and poured in their eyes, all so the manufacturer can attest whether or not they are "harmful to humans"! This testing is done mostly on unwanted cats and dogs from shelters or kidnapped from our homes. It's just awful and it goes on continuously!

I wish more folks would use products NOT tested on animals. Even "Bath and Body works" products claim on their products: "finished product not tested on animals" What does this mean? It means that some or most of the ingredients are still tested on animals?

I am currently researching companies and products that absolutely do not animal test. One of them is "Seventh Generation", who for years has come through for those of us who are truly concerned about animal welfare. I will inform everyone of other companies when I come across them. But, Be aware: Just because a company claims their products are not tested on animals does not mean this is the case. Many companies have lied about this, claiming no animal testing is done because the fact is, currently there is no law in effect which requires they back up their statements to the public. It is something that must be acknowledged and if all you ladies and gents love your pets and any animals, then you must realize the heavy price They are paying for our selfish vanity and convenience!
Thank you for allowing me to share.
Ursula (L. Capobianco Salvata) (08/27/2006)

By Anonymous

By Anonymous

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

My husband and I moved into a new home about 3 months ago and before then I had never used or even needed a dishwasher. But after our little girl was born I had so many bottles that I just decided to use it. I chose the cascade with dawn 2 in 1 gel packs. They work great, I haven't had to scrape any food off of anything and her bottles come out looking brand new. I highly recommend this product and have found that Target is the cheapest place you can buy this. (10/27/2006)

By Amanda R.

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

Cascade is "da bomb" not too pricey reliable i mean what more can you ask for? (11/06/2006)

By BillyBobJoe

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

One note about Kirkland brand dishwasher detergent; if you have a newer dishwasher, you should really use less than the recommended amount (i.e., don't fill both cups). I made the mistake of filling both cups with the powdered detergent, and it stripped the metal finish off of most of my is definitely strong stuff. (12/03/2006)

By Katherine

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

Kirkland brand discolours stainless steel flatware. I am back to Cascade. (03/30/2007)

By Geri

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

Kirkland Signature Automatic Dishwasher Detergent, I had tested that in my new 2007 dishwasher with a full load, pots and pan cycle. My stainless steel on the pots had some sort of white power substance left on them. I too had gone back to Cascade Complete after that no problem.


I also tried Cascade 2-in-1 Pads with Dawn; in my own test 1 pad is just not enough you have to use two of them. I also found out you need to of them plus Cascade Complete in the pre-rinse if you have heavy soiled pots otherwise it just not enough to clean them the way I want them to be cleaned.

The Cascade 2-in-1 Pads are very expensive even if I got the 90 pack from Costco or the 80 pack from Wal-Mart both price the same almost double that of the Cascade Complete Power the largest box available at Costco still comes in cheaper.

Right now I am just using what came with the dishwasher which was two samples. Cascade Complete and Cascade Jet Dry sample, I had already had a jumbo bottle of Jet Dry so I am still using that.

I've wanted to test out Electrosol 3-in-1 Tabs with that peril ball for Jet-Dry Power ball. I decided to try that. Boy was that so tiny no bigger than a teaspoon or even that. I can't think that could be enough to do a full 24" extra big tube load. I did one load using the upper rack which is an energy saving on my new dishwasher.

I had taken out tab and place it in my tray but the peril or power ball fell out. I had to put it back in the whole. Close it up and turn it on. Couple minutes later.. I when everything was done. To my surprise all the dishes look excellent. But I did notice the stainless stain silver wear had some spotting. Strange you would think the Power ball Perl was suppose to take care of that.

Anyway I'll test it again, I still don't think that tiny tab can do complete full load with very dirty dishes and pots and pans.

Before I go, the Kirkland signature dishwashing power can be used around the kitchen and bath. I use it on the stove; to me it's better than AJAX or COMET cleanser. I can get up those stains of red tomato past that's dried on the surface. Also tried to clean the sinks did a good job there and in the bath in the tub and tiles, better than scrubbing bubbles.

Do not use it on the self-stick tiles it will give it white power look. You can always re-rinse with fresh water. But it does a good job removing all the dirt and some.


By tipstir

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

I got Sunlight for $1.00 a box. It worked fine. (07/11/2007)


Dishwasher Soap Reviews

KLS8800 are you sure you are using dishwasher detergent? The sudsing like crazy makes me think you are using dish soap in a dishwasher. That type of detergent is mean for hand washing and not for use in a machine.
I was using Cascade but then tried Electrasol. The Electrasol spots the silverware and doesn't seem to clean the dishes very well. I'll have to try the Walmart detergent. (09/06/2007)

By edd13_b

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

I tried several brands and think that Cascade Complete is by far and away the best. No need to add anti-spotting liquid, Cascade does it all. Tough on dirty pots and pans. As for those folks worried about animal testing--I don't get it. They test on animals to keep from harming humans! (09/09/2007)

By Andrew

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

I use the electrasol tablet thingies with the white and blue layer, and the lil ball in the middle...our dishes come out clean every time! Also the cascade with dawn gel pacs are great too! (09/13/2007)

By Anonymous

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

I've tried a lot of them and I have to agree that Cascade Complete my preferred brand. It's not the cheapest out there, but it's definitely the most effective one I've found! (09/26/2007)

By Bluestocking

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

We used Electrasol Gel and the odor in the house is overwhelming. Pans smell like the gelpacs and retain the odor so that food cooked on them taste like the gelpac, too. I contacted Electrasol to get an answer as to why this is happening and all I got was a letter stating they'd send me coupons. (10/03/2007)

By Wendy

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

I know some of you stated that cascade worked good for you. Well I can't agree. Sure it cleans the dishes just fine, but the residue. There is never a time there is no residue. I don't even wash my children's dishes in the dishwasher anymore. It's a brand new dishwasher, it always has enough rinsing agent. (10/16/2007)

By Jenna

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

Wash your dishes by hand, save energy, and get some exercise. (12/01/2007)

By David

Dishwasher Soap Idea

We are one of thousands of families that live outside of the city and have a drilled well as our source of water, so along with that, we have hardness which causes yellowing and staining big time. We use citric acid to clean our dishwasher and I see you have come out with an actual dishwasher cleaner with citric acid in it. Great idea for the dishwasher, but what about the dishes.

Has the idea of putting citric acid actually into the dishwasher soap been tried? Surely that would be an answer to those of us that deal with this problem on a daily basis. If the two were mixed to-gether and it was successful, I'm sure there would absolutely be a huge market for it, I know for a fact that we would buy it without a doubt. What do you think ?
sincerely, Elaine H. RN (12/02/2007)

By Elaine H.

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

Cascade 2and1 action packs RULE! They are the best! I haven't pre-washed dishes in years! (02/26/2008)

By ~Cascadefan9~

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

I went to Walmart recently to buy some dishwasher detergent and was told by an older lady the Walmart brand was rated high and worked well. So I bought some orange scented dishwasher detergent. That was yesterday, this morning it smelled like a diaper pail in my kitchen and I hadn't used it yet. I am using some right now but that smell is not something that a fifty year old guy wants to smell. I would say dirty diaper pail but it for sure has a diaper pail smell. It may work well but you have to get past the smell first.

If you had infants in the house you might not notice the smell. I definitely wouldn't buy it if I had a thing with things smelling bad. Which I do. I will buy some Cascade later today. I didn't save $2.00, I wasted $2.00. The smell is not something that belongs in the kitchen, it would be fine in a nursery, close to the diaper pail. I have gown sons and do remember the smell of a diaper pail, it smells just like the Walmart brand dishwasher detergent. (04/04/2008)

By Rick

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

We tried electrsol and some of our glass bowls have a permanent "cloud" stain on them! I researched this product and found it to be harmful to septic tanks. After reading these comments, we will try Cascade. We have always used the Jet-Dry. (05/02/2008)

By Shannon Moen

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

I have tried many brands of dishwasher detergent and find that "Great Value" (powder) from Wal-Mart does great and is the cheapest. I did try the Great Value tablets and they leave a white powder looking coating on everything. I put the tablets in the back of cabinet for emergencies only (ie: run out of powder and too lazy to drive to the store) Also the Dollar General brand is good too. (07/08/2008)

By CeapMan

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

Wal-Mart Automatic Dishwashing soap is great! Get the original scent if the orange smells like a diaper pail. I bought a box of it that weighs 9.68 pounds and it was only $3.00 and some change. Much cheaper than Cascade and it works better than Cascade. I'll never go back to Cascade.... (07/31/2008)

By Lonnie

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

Purchased Electrasol Gel Pacs on sale with coupon. Not pleased with results. After using the gel pacs for about a week I noticed that it didn't remove coffee and tea stains from my white mugs and cups. They still looked dirty. I have used other types and brands with no problem including Electrasol powder. (10/24/2008)

By thrifty reader

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

I've tried finish-electrasol 3in1 action tabs and they work awesome! 1 thing though is that you NEED to add rinse agent or else your dishes spot. And I thought powerball tabs were supposed to do it! Still they work awesome! (11/11/2008)

By Advanced Playa

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

I live in Canada and I found out that Walmart no longer sells their powder detergent here. Powder is still by far the cheapest here! I have found out through trial and error and a 37 year old Kitchen-Aid by Hobart dishwasher that the best detergents contain enzymes and the best are Kirkland brand powder dishwasher detergent (I am no longer a member), Great Value powder detergent (Walmart but no longer available here), and Dawn Cascade with Shine guard powder, which is the only one I can find here and they all work exceptionally well.

I am a cheapskate so I will continue to use powder until the others do as many loads as cheaply but I always look for enzymes in the list of ingredients because it works. (02/20/2010)

By oskar

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

I don't know how old these posts are but I can tell you, great value dishwasher detergent by Walmart has changed-drastically! I used this powder for years and it got my dishes clean. This last year, I have noticed the dishes DO NOT come clean and there is always a white film left on my dishes. Thinking my dishwasher was broken, I bought another dishwasher and that one didn't get the dishes clean with the great value dishwasher detergent either. I had to stand and wash dishes in hot soapy water before loading my dishwasher and still they came out with coffee/tea stains and a white film on them. Started using Cascade last week and all of my dishes are now sparkling clean and I don't even have to rinse them off. Walmart has changed this great value product to something that is not worth 2 cents. I wonder what else they have changed among their "great value" lines? (05/02/2010)

By work smart

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

I also was a Great Value fan until our state joined the prohibition on phosphates in dishwasher detergents this spring. It isn't Wal-Mart's fault. I'm now trying Cascade with bleach action (says it has Dawn, also), and the stains go away, but I cannot get rid of the cloudy residue on glasses, even with Jet-Dry, etc. Am really discouraged with the inability to use adequate water or detergent with an automatic dishwasher. (08/01/2010)

By faisan

Dishwasher Soap Reviews

I've used Costco's Kirkland brand for years and always swear by it-but have had to also purchase a box of TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) to put the cleaning power back in. It works just like it used to and leaves no residue! (12/28/2010)

By danceme


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