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Finding Replacement Cords and Controls for an Electric Blanket

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Electric Blanket

Maybe the dog didn't eat your homework, but perhaps he did take out the cord to your electric blanket. Finding a replacement cord or a control for an electric blanket can be difficult. This is a guide about finding replacement cords and controls for an electric blanket.



Here are questions related to Finding Replacement Cords and Controls for an Electric Blanket.

Question: Replacement Cord for Sunbeam Warming Throw

Control and cord ends.Does anyone know where I can find a Sunbeam warming throw replacement cord? The model is #RN17280. Going through Sunbeam is a nightmare, suffice it to say! They want almost as much for the cord as I pair for the whole unit. Please help!

By Nana


Most Recent Answer

By Meg W.02/07/2015

I need one also my recliner mechanism ate my cord.

Question: Replacement Controls for Sunbeam Electric Blanket

I would like to know if and where I can buy dual controls for my Sunbeam blanket?
I spent over a hundred dollars for the blanket.

By Cheryl


Most Recent Answer

By maymie0102/13/2015

I just saw the dual power cord for your blanket on ebay, Cheryl.

Question: Replacement Cord for Cannon Electric Blanket

Where can I buy a cord replacement for a Cannon electric blanket, 4 prong? TC138A 120v 130 watts, lot no:220514-3B.

By Mike M

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]02/22/2015

I took the blanket to a thrift store and literally began searching for one with the correct configuration. Then, I plugged it in there to make sure it worked. Just make sure you tell someone what you are doing so they don't think you are taking their blanket.

Good luck!

Question: Replacement Control for Heated Blanket

We have a king size heated blanket and one control just quit. The control says it fits either a twin blanket or 1/2 of this king.

By Fisher

Most Recent Answer

By Abigail A. [8]01/01/2015

You will need the brand name to order a new control, and probably the model number as well.

Question: Power Supply and Control for Electric Blanket

Does anyone know where I can find a power supply cord and dial for my Perfect Fit electric blanket?

By Bill F.

Most Recent Answer

By J'Marinde [6]12/24/2014

Check with Home Depot or Comfort House (1-800-359-7701) or Google "where to buy a power supply cord and dial for Perfect Fit electric blanket?"

Question: Replacement Cord and Controller for Electric Blanket

Three prong electric blanket connector.I am looking for a 3 pronged cord with controller for an electric blanket (full size, 170 watts).

By Donna

Most Recent Answer

By HAPPYINHARNED [13]02/19/2012

When my controllers stop working, I have had luck finding a replacement at Salvation Army Store or the like. I take the blanket itself or the controller so I can get the exact same replacement and try it out and make sure it works. They usually only cost a couple dollars.

Question: Replacement Controller for an Electric Blanket

I have a Dreamland king size electric underblanket. One of the 9 setting heat controls (of the two that are fitted) has stopped working. Where can I get another controller to buy, to plug into it? Thanks.

By Margaret from Midlands, England

Most Recent Answer

By Deborah [9]01/11/2011

You might try asking on your local Freecycle group. You wouldn't believe the things I have found on there, for example, the wires that allow you to hook your Tom Tom online to update the maps. Freecyclers have all kinds of things hanging around that they are willing to share with you. Just go to and put in your state and the group that is the closest to you. (you can belong to more than one group if there are several local areas that are listed). Anyway, Good luck finding your hard to find controller. I hope you find it!

Question: Replacement Dual Control Power Cord for Sunbeam Electric Blanket

Does anyone know where to get a replacement power cord with dual controls for my Sunbeam electric blanket? Thanks.

By David from MI

Most Recent Answer

By FL Gal03/06/2010

Check ebay, I found quite a few there but all are used. Haven't had any luck finding new ones anywhere.

Question: Replacement Target Electric Blanket Controller

I need to replace the controller. Model BA0350
Type 880
230-240V - 60Hz 80W Max

By Hazel B

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]04/24/2015

I take the blanket into the local thrift shop and find the matching cords. Never had one that this didn't work with.

Question: Replacement Cord for Sunbeam Heated Comforter

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement controls for my Sunbeam Premium heated comforter, CSU9MFQ-R000-14A44? I have a new comforter without the cord and controller.


Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]04/09/2015

You may be able to buy a replacement from their web site.

Question: Replacement Cord for Electric Warming Throw

I have an electric warming throw. I need the plug and cord, F9405.

By Brenda

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [422]03/12/2015

Take the blanket to your local thrift store and find one that works. If you tell them what you are doing, it's fine to bring in something. Good luck!

Question: Replacement Control Cord for Electric Blanket

On the control it says Sleep-Rite. There is a hole in the cord right next where you plug it into the blanket and I don't want to use it. The blanket has three places to plug in. Two holes are close together and the other is off to itself a little bit.

By Marcia

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]01/15/2015

Try the Sleep-Rite site:

Question: Recipe for Weight Watcher's Pumpkin Bread

Does anybody have the recipe for pumpkin bread from the 80s? I remember it had a can of pumpkin and Quaker oats.

By Susan F. from Fayetteville, NC

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]01/03/2015

Easy search online:

Question: Control for West Point 950 Electric Blanket

I am trying to locate a replacement control for the 950 West Point electric blanket.

By Dolores R

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]12/27/2014

An easy online search reveals that West Point no longer makes electric blankets and also notes that the controllers have been a problem for many customers. Try this site for more information:

Question: Control Cord for Sunbeam Electric Blanket

I need a replacement cord for a Sunbeam electric blanket P.N. 56605-004. This blanket belonged to my sister who died a few years ago, is in very good condition and I'd like to get a replacement in order to use. Thanks for any help.

By Laverne

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]12/26/2014

You can check online for the Sunbeam site/customer service and ask if the part is still available for you to purchase.

Question: Replacement Cord for Sunbeam Warming Blanket

The number on the booklet with the warming blanket is:
P.N. 157903-000-000 We got the blanket last Christmas as a gift and cannot find the cord!

By June G.

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]11/29/2014

The Sunbeam company has a website with customer service email and phone # for assistance.

Question: Living Quarters Electric Blanket Control

One of the controls for a Living Quarters electric blanket quit so we are looking for a control. It's in a black box with red and blue control buttons with on/off in middle. The plug that connects to the blanket is a large 4 conductor. It is a digital display.

By Leon K

Most Recent Answer

By cybergrannie [30]03/16/2014

This may be difficult to find. I see blanket controls at Thrift stores sometimes and some controls will fit different makers but only you could tell if this were the case. eBay also has controls listed. Have you tried the Living Quarters web site?

Question: Replacement Control for Electric Blanket

My dog chewed up the control for my Westpoint home electric blanket. I need a new 900 control; where can I get one? It is a dual control with 2 plug ins at the end of the blanket.

By liltami

Most Recent Answer

By Baxter212/10/2013

Have you tried Ebay yet? You could also get in touch with the manufacturer of the blanket, and get a brand new one from them also.

Question: Electric Blanket Cord Replacement

We have a Sunbeam Holmes electric blanket that needs a new electrical cord. Does anyone know how I can find one? The blanket is only 1 year old, and I don't want to have to buy a new one.

I am going to list several numbers that are on the blanket, because I am not sure which number is needed. Thank you so much.
RN 17260
P.N. 116776-016
This is information at the bottom of tag: E137LT0288411510C74G13

By D. B.

Most Recent Answer

By Lorraine Thibodeau D.12/03/2013

Below is a link for Sunbeam service and support website.
Good luck, hope this helps.

Question: Controls for Sleep Philosophy Electric Blanket

I need controls for a Sleep Philosophy electric plush heated ivory king blanket. Any ideas on where to find one?

By Debbie S. from Fairmont, WV

Most Recent Answer

By HAPPYINHARNED [13]10/28/2013

When I need new controls, I draw a picture of the plug in or take a picture of it on my cell phone and go to the thrift stores or goodwill stores. They have some and I match the picture with the plug in and I have a new control. Good Luck.

Question: New Control for Biddeford Electric Blanket

I need to get a new control for my Biddeford electric blanket. Where might I get one and what is the cost?

By Cheryl C

Most Recent Answer

By Marlynne10/28/2013

Call Biddeford directly. My blanket was under warranty and I got one for free. If yours is out of warranty call anyway. They may just make it right for you. Look them up on the Internet. I did.

Question: Living Quarters Electric Blanket Controller

I bought an electric blanket at Carson's last winter, no name on tag on blanket, but the controller that went bad says Living Quarters on it. I am looking for new controller, any ideas where I can get one? Or does anyone have address or phone number of the company? It has 4 prongs. Thanks!

By Mary

Most Recent Answer

By susan [33]06/14/2013

Do a search online putting in "livingquarters electric blanket" the results will give you the names of stores that sell that brand, They are relatively high end blankets. You can go to the store and look up the info on their packaging.

Question: Control for Sunbeam Electric Blanket

I need a Sunbeam electric blanket control, style 84KQ control 613A. It's a dual control with 4 prongs.

By Georgia P.

Most Recent Answer

By OrahLee [2]12/18/2012

When all else fails, use the blanket"as-is". Also, my grandmother (years ago) managed to carefully pull out the electric wires to avoid the bumps.

Question: Cord and Control for Biddeford Electric Blanket

I need a replacement cord and control for a Biddeford blanket, queen size OBGO307. It is only one year old. Please let me know where I can check for availability.

By Brenda from Ironton, OH

Most Recent Answer

By Deanj10/25/2012

I would call them and ask if they could sell you the parts you need.

Biddeford Blankets
300-302 Terrace Drive
Mundelein, IL 60060
Phone: 800.789.6441
Fax: 847.566.6431

Question: Replacement Cord for Sunbeam Electric Blanket

I need a replacement cord (controls) for my queen size Sunbeam electric blanket which my daughter accidentally threw away. It is a Sunbeam, # 33684 , PN 107882-002. The plug has 4 prongs of which the second one is slightly shorter than the other three. I am on social security and would hate to have to buy another electric blanket just to get the cord. Thank you.

By Jeanne

Most Recent Answer

By Joan [19]09/03/2012

If you Google "replacement cord for Sunbeam Electric Blanket" you will get lots of information on buying a new cord. Also check If you live near a Walmart you could pick it up at the store and save the delivery charge. Either way, it would be a lot cheaper than buying a new blanket.

Question: JCP Replacement Electric Blanket Controller

I have a JCP dual control electric blanket. One controller no longer works. It has a 2 prong plugin. Is there a replacement for it?

By Jo

Most Recent Answer

By HAPPYINHARNED [13]11/29/2011

I have always been able to find replacement controls at Salvation Army, Goodwill or Unique stores. Just make sure you get an exact match at the connection. Until you find one put the blanket on sideways and at least both people can have heat but it will be a warm upper body or warm feet? Your choice. JK Good Luck!

Question: Replacement Cord for an Electric Blanket

I need 2 replacement cords for a dual king. My puppies chewed through them I need them ASAP. Can someone help with a source for these?


Most Recent Answer

By Cindy [3]01/14/2011

Just a "been there done that, thank goodness no one was harmed" recollection, but don't mix and match replacement cords and electric blankets. This error could lead to unforeseen electrical fires and burning beds. Either secure replacement cords from the manufacturer of the particular blanket or purchase a new blanket with the appropriate cords. Substitutes are not an option if safety, as it should be, is the priority. There is nothing frugal or thrifty or responsible about playing with these combustible entities. Please, be careful and cautious and non reluctant to spend money as safety is at risk. You will be glad you did and so will those you save from senseless pain and suffering.

Question: Replacement Electric Blanket Cord

Where can I find a replacement JC Penney's electric blanket wide 2- prong power cord?

By Carrie from Gary, IN

Question: Replacement Controllers for WestPoint Heated Blankets

How do I find replacement controllers for WestPoint home heated blankets?

By Bart B

Question: Replacement Electric Blanket Controls

Where do I find a control for a queen size electric blanket? I need one for the right side. On the back of the control is - WestPoint, Inc. Elkin, N.C. 28681.

By D

Question: Replacement Power Cord for Heated Mattress Pad

I have a twin size Chatham heated mattress pad and I need a replacement power cord. It is a 2 pronged cord.

By Lisa D.

Question: Replacement Electric Blanket Control

The label says automatic electric blanket, queen size, style 13 - 180 watts 110-120 volts A.C. only. And the numbers on the end of the label read 70912 02. It has one 3 prong plug-in and 2 controls.

By Debbie

Question: Replacement Cord for Biddeford Electric Blanket

How do I order a replacement cord for Biddeford micromink and sherpa electric blanket, size twin, sku 94493778?

By Pamela B.

Question: Electric Blanket Replacement Control

Where can I find a replacement control for a king size Sealy electric blanket?

By Gwen

Question: Replacement Controls for Beautyrest Dual

I am looking to replace the controllers for my Beautyrest king size dual control electric blanket. Puppy ate the wires up beyond repair.

By Dennis R.

Question: Replacement Power Cord for Electric Blanket

I lost the dual cord to my blanket; can it be replaced? and where? rn#101111

By Tiffany

Question: New Control for Electric Blanket

I need a new control for twin electric blanket, model A6-280 (maybe it is AB-280) listed 341-B/ E 159 45. Made in Smithfield, NC, Box 1456. I cannot see the brand (probably Sunbeam, but am not sure).

By Ruth S.

Question: Replacement Electric Blanket Cord

I am looking for a replacement cord for my Sunbeam electric blanket. The part number is 116776-008.

By Kathy

Question: Perfect Fit Model 149100-Q1 Warming Blanket Dual Controls

I have lost the controls (wires and all) for my Perfect Fit Model 149100-Q1 warming blanket. the tag on the blanket says "Use control model D-1 only." I have already tried eBay...nada. Any other suggestions?

By Dick

Question: Finding a Replacement Electric Blanket Plug

I have an electric blanket with a missing plug. Where can I find an automatic electric blanket plug? There is no name, it washed out. The number is 133521.

By Mireille from Novato, CA

Question: Finding a Temperature Controller for Electric Blanket

I wish to purchase a controller.
Printed on blanket tag is"for service, return to automatic blanket plant, Smithfield,N.C. (not even an address or zip code.)
RN 14837. Help.

By Raymond

Question: Replacement Cord for a Cannon Electric Blanket

Our cord was chewed up and I would like to find a replacement cord.

By John

Question: Replacement Cord for Sunbeam electric blanket

I am trying to find where I can buy a replacement cord for a Sunbeam electric blanket.

By Linda B.

Question: Replacement Power Supply for Perfect Fit Electric Warming Throw

I need a power supply replacement for my Perfect Fit electric warming throw.

Blanket Model # LVT-WW4
Power supply model 120-16VD9P
Temp controller -safe and warm model C - D9.

Any ideas?

By Larry W.

Question: Replace Cord and Controller for Sleepwell Duvet

I need a replacement cord and controller for an electric duvet: details as follows: Sleepwell by Dreamland Double Dual Duvet 200x200cm Model D3602 Volt 230-240 Watt 150. Can anyone help? No response yet from Dreamland.

By Angela C. from Ireland

Question: Replacement Cord for Sunbeam Warming Throw

Despite our efforts otherwise, we let down, and the dog chewed the cord to our Sunbeam Warming Throw. I could use anyone's input of where to order a new one? Thanks!

By Debi B from Fresno, CA

Question: Replacement Dual Controller for Electric Blanket

I have a queen-size St. Cloud electric blanket for which I need to order a replacement controller. There are two numbers on the blanket - 0BF0302 and L2181T-CEN (not sure which is the model number). Can you tell me where and if I can order a replacement controller?

By SandyS

Question: Replacement Controller for Electric Blanket

I have a model 9051 Raschel heating blanket (mfg. by Westpoint) that uses a 900 controller (4 prong). It was lost in our house fire and I am looking to purchase a replacement.

By Rich

Question: Finding a Replacement Cord for Electric Blanket

Can a new cord be ordered for electric blanket? If so, where can I find them?

By Tammy P from Berea, KY

Question: Control for Westpoint Electric Blanket

Where can I find controls for a Westpoint electric blanket, king sized?

By J Noll

Question: Replacement Controller for an Electric Blanket

View of the blanket prongs.I found an electric blanket in my mom's garage. It has no tags and it is missing the controllers. How do I find out the brand and model # so I can find a replacement controller? The plug on the blanket has 85B printed on it. I believe it is a queen or king size. It has 3 prongs with a slit between the 2nd and 3rd prong.

By Tammie

Question: Control for Sunbeam Warming Blanket

I have a Sunbeam style 82 twin size single control 3 prong warming blanket. UL Listed 613A E23623. RN17280 28660 P.N107882-064
X198W081884 554N 14.

The control is lost and the blanket is still in very good condition. Please help me locate a replacement. I'm cold!

By Marcia B from Angier, NC

Question: Replacement Cord for Sunbeam Electric Throw

I need a replacement cord for my Sunbeam electric warming throw RN 17280. Where can I find one? Mine got lost.

By Shelley

Question: Finding a Replacement Cord for Electric Throw

I have an electric throw I bought and then found out the cord was absent. The style is HT-1 and the number is RN 17280, 120 volts and the name on the top is Crown. I would love to be using this soft electric throw. Since I bought it from a friend at her yard sale, I don't know how to get a replacement.

By Esther from Circleville, OH

Question: Replacement Single Electric Blanket Controls

Recently shifting I have lost controls for all four blankets. 2 are my grandchildrens. They are Sunbeam waterproof ones the ones that are washable and have pictures. 2 are model BL3321 the other 2 are BL2321. I'm in new Zealand.

By Carol

Question: Electric Blanket Controls

I have a single electric blanket that I need replacement controls for. The model number is PM 10617-104.

By luisfmleal

Question: Sunbeam Electric Blanket Controller

I am looking for a replacement controller for a Sunbeam electric blanket, B59351. Can anyone help? I live in Ontario Canada.

By Lynda

Question: Replacement cord for Sunbeam Electric Blanket

Where do I locate a lost cord for a C11512 I believe C284WA3 4553 850H3 Sunbeam 19473 P.N. 116776-009?

By Charles from Battle creek, MI

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