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Getting Rid of Ants in a Vegetable Garden

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Antsin a Vegetable Garden

Ants eat some plants and are notorious for farming aphids in the garden. This guide is about getting rid of ants in a vegetable garden.



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Question: Getting Rid of Ants in the Garden Naturally

I have a real problem with ants every spring when I go to re-energize my gardens. I have a lot of gardens and it seems almost every one gets taken over by ants. The only safe/organic way I know is grits and it takes so long and so many treatments. Does anyone know a better way, that is still safe for my fruit and flowers?

By Klaraine from Venus, TX


Most Recent Answer

By Sharon03/13/2012

My community garden plot was infested with ants when I took it over. I tried all kinds of organic solutions. Diluted dish soap, diatomaceous earth, cinnamon, orange peels, you name it, to no permanent avail.

This went on for a few years. And then I read an article about a woman putting Avon's Skin So Soft on the pole holding her bird feeder to keep the ants off. And I got an idea. Here is a permanent solution...Mix about an inch of Skin So Soft (see an Avon Representative or get it online), an inch of Ecovar or any organic dish detergent in a gallon jug. Fill with water. Just transfer what you need into a squirt bottle and apply it wherever you see the soil, around and on plants, etc. It's perfectly safe.

You'll probably have to keep applying this mixture for awhile but in a few month's you'll see a big difference. Eventually they'll be gone. I think you can even try something like canola oil if Skin So Soft is too expensive.

Question: Getting Rid of Ants in the Garden

I want to plant some herbs, but the ground I want to use is covered with ants. What can I use to rid the ants and keep the garden fresh enough to plant the herbs?

By Jwbiz


Most Recent Answer

By Vi Johnson [237]06/18/2012

Try dry corn meal. Just sprinkle it around the area. I used it around my lemon tree and they up and left. You might have to respread the corn meal at some point. GG Vi

Question: Getting Rid of Ants in My Veggie Garden

How can I get rid of ants in my vegetable garden?

By LuyBaby

Question: Ants Around Tomato Plants

How can I get rid of ants around my tomato plants?

By M from B

Question: Ants Eating Ears of Corn

I have a small raised garden in my back yard. I've enjoyed a couple of ears of lovely sweet corn. However, I've just realized ants have destroyed and eaten much of the remainder of the ears still on the stalks! How do I get rid of them, and more importantly, how do I keep this from happening next year?

By Sandra

Solutions: Getting Rid of Ants in a Vegetable Garden

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