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Homemade Plant Hanger Ideas

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Hanging planter of petunias.

Dress up your hanging plants with unique homemade plant hangers. This is a guide about homemade plant hanger ideas.



Here are questions related to Homemade Plant Hanger Ideas.

Question: Making Simple, Quick Twine Plant Hangers

I need to make some quick, simple twine plant hangars. I don't have time to learn macrame at this point, but looking for plant hanger ideas using twine. I have a lot of houseplants that I want to sell at the neighborhood yard sale and would like to display the hanging plants. Thanks.

Penny Lou from Tipton, IN


Most Recent Answer

By Carol (Guest Post)06/02/2008

When I'm in a hurry I just use the twine, I cut eight pieces twice the length as I want the hanger. Fold it in half and close to the top about 4 inches down from the fold tie a piece of the cord. This makes the loop to hang it with. Next you will go down about a foot to a foot and a half and simply tie two of the cords together, continue tying two together until you have 4 knots all the the same distance from the top loop.

Now it gets a little harder to explain but go down again about 1 foot and take a cord from two opposite strips that have already been knotted and knot them together, continue around until you have 4 more knots at equal levels. Now at the bottom I tie one large knot with all of the cords together about a foot down from the last knots. Hope this helps.

Question: Instructions For Beaded Plant Hanger

I am looking for instructions for a beaded plant hanger. I have many many craft books and have searched everywhere without any luck at all. Would appreciate if anyone may have or know of where to obtain these directions. TIA

Elaine from Michigan


Most Recent Answer

By Patricia Lackey03/06/2009

Michael's arts and crafts store should have the books you are looking for plus they have all kinds of crafts all over their store and books also. Good luck. Patricia I am also from Michigan, born and raised, I now live in Sarasota, FL.

Question: Making a Hanging Plant Holder

Where could I learn to make an easy hanging holder for my potted plants?

By Sherri

Most Recent Answer

By Cricket [201]09/07/2011

Forgot to say, if you don't put a ball or something at the lowering height like I described, the weight of the plant will bring it all the way down and through the pulley. I guess you could call the ball a stopper. Just be sure it's large enough and strong enough to not go through the pulley and not break with the weight of the plant.

Question: Jute and Button Plant Hanger Pattern

I had a pattern to make a plant hanger with jute and buttons, but cannot find it. Anybody have one to share?

By Shirl

Most Recent Answer

By Karen H. [10]05/21/2012

Try or Good Luck.

Solutions: Homemade Plant Hanger Ideas

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