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Inexpensive Alternatives to Paving a Driveway

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gravel driveway

Paving a driveway can cost more than you can afford. This guide is about inexpensive alternatives to paving a driveway.



Here are questions related to Inexpensive Alternatives to Paving a Driveway.

Question: Inexpensive Driveway Ideas

Any ideas for a driveway? I read the one about the gravel which is great except that my driveway is on a slope and a good shower of rain would wash a lot of it to the road.

By Siobhan O


Most Recent Answer

By Kathy [3]08/01/2014

I live on the side of a hill and had the same problem! I decided to brick the driveway instead! I watched craigs list for free brick and got quite a bit from there,then I started watching where new houses were going up.When they started bricking I always stopped and ask if I could have their "rejects". A lot were broken in half, but some were not damaged at all. Never take these brick before asking!

Then, as I got the brick, I would extend the driveway. Just place them closely together. I also used pea gravel to fill in the spaces and holes in the brick. My driveway is over 20 years old now and I've only had to replace a few. Good Luck!

Question: Inexpensive Ideas for Driveway

I live in a mobilehome park and the owners don't want us to have asphalt driveways for plumbing reasons.
Does anyone have an idea what I could use that isn't expensive to put down? Right now there are ruts and mud holes.

By Lorraine S.


Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]01/20/2013

Gravel is what you want. It comes in different grades. Regular gravel which has a mixture of sizes of stones and sand is the cheapest, and is quite satisfactory. If you can afford it, crushed rock, which is exactly what it sounds like - gravel made from larger rocks, no sand to track in and lasts longer - is better.

Look up people who actually sell this stuff in your area - who will deliver it in a truck and sell it by the "yard", not in bags. This will be your simplest and most efficient solution. It wouldn't hurt to go look at the product you are buying, and to take someone with you who knows what gravel is.

Solutions: Inexpensive Alternatives to Paving a Driveway

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