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Keeping Squirrels Off Of Walnut Trees

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Black Walnut Tree

It can be very frustrating when the local squirrels discover your walnut tree and treat it like their private dining room. This is a guide about keeping squirrels off of walnut trees.



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Question: Keeping Squirrels off My Walnut Tree?

I can't stand the mess... Every morning I'm cleaning up after about 6 squirrels who are feasting in my wild (100 year old) walnut tree. What do I do to keep them away? My yard is a disaster; I spend hours cleaning up all the shells and the outer-coat of the walnut. It's a mess also because the outer-coat of the walnut stains everything it touches... What can I do to stop them? They are getting to the tree by the truck, and from the top of Garage. There no way to isolate the tree from these pests...

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Most Recent Answer

By Betty [13]09/30/2008

Rubber snakes!

Solutions: Keeping Squirrels Off Of Walnut Trees

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