Making Concrete Patio Blocks

Making Concrete Patio Blocks

Using a variety of forms you can make your own stepping stones and patio blocks. This guide is about making concrete patio blocks.


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Tip: Making Concrete Patio Blocks

Concrete Patio BlocksHow do you make concrete blocks? Advice from the ThriftyFun community.

Using Buckets

We just poured leftover concrete in buckets, had everyone sign and hand print one. When the concrete is dry, they come right out. We have used them as stepping stones for more than twenty years!

By Tedebear

Practical Experience With Concrete Stepping Blocks

When we poured our sidewalks and mowing strips, what was left over, we made concrete stepping blocks. My kids made the forms out of old wood, square, and poured in the cement. We put some small gravel on top and pushed them in a little so they could be walked on. We have had them for over 20 years. We also used benderboard and made round ones. It actually was quite fun doing this and making our own designs on top. The square ones, we added cement dye and made them the color of the brick on our house and put the brick design on each one. In a couple days they were ready to use. Another thing that is good about using them as walkways and between places, is they can be picked up and moved if you change your landscaping.

By Eletha Cole

Rhubarb Leaf Stones

I made stepping stones with imprints of my rhubarb leaves and they are still around 3 years later; even after Nova Scotia winters.

Lay down plastic, lay down a good size leaf, messy, but put cement on the leaf to cover not quite to the edges, put some chicken wire or some other type of reenforcement and more cement. Give some support with dirt around the form, cover with plastic and in 3-4 days VIOLA! Wash off any leaf that maybe left on the hardened stone, let set for a few days before using.

By Streatch

Lots Of Work

A friend had the forms where she could make pretty shapes. They looked pretty but she said she would never do that again. Lots of work.

By Sandy

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