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Making a Recycled Dollhouse

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Recycled Dollhouse

A doll house can be made with lots of imagination out of many common items that may have ended up in the trash. This guide is about making a recycled dollhouse.

Solutions: Making a Recycled Dollhouse

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Tip: Use Recycled Items For Homemade Dollhouse

Dollhouse.My daughter, Eryn, created her own recycled doll house out of recycled items from around our home. Large cardboard box for the house, cereal boxes as dividers for the rooms, lids, wrapping paper for wallpaper, bows, glitter glue and paint, plastic applesauce containers for a table, medicine box for a bed and cotton balls for pillows and many other cool ideas. Recycling is contagious!

By Wendy S from Coopersburg, PA

Dollhouse from Recycled Items

Recycled Doll HouseMake a dollhouse from recycled items, have fun and wow the kids!

Don't believe it's possible?

See more photos of FoundHaus at

By Daria from San Diego, CA

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Question: Can I Use Recycled Materials for the Siding on a Dollhouse?

Has anyone ever used a recycled item to make siding for a dollhouse?

By Gina from MO

Most Recent Answer

By gina [3]08/22/2010

Thank You, I like the mini blind idea!