Packaging Homemade Soap for Sale

Neatly Wrapped Homemade Soap

Whether it's for a bazaar or a boutique shop downtown, if you are making soap to sell, how you package it is important. This is a guide about packaging homemade soap.


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Tip: Packaging Homemade Soap for Sale

I like the look of wrapping a piece of corrugated cardboard around the soap leaving the ends exposed, then tie a piece of raffia around and into a bow to secure.

By Jenny from Chattanooga, TN

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Question: How to Package Homemade Soaps

What's the best way to package/wrap homemade soap? I've made some really nice soap, but not sure how to package it. Thanks!

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By (Guest Post) 10/19/2007

I have seen homemade soap wrapped in fabric strips, nice country style fabrics, cut with pinking shears and wrapped like a ribbon on a gift. It allows people to smell the soap, and is already wrapped as a gift.

Good Luck

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By Shirley Darby [7] 10/19/2007

Have you seen the wrap that you shrink around items with a blowdryer? It comes in colors, in rolls like wrapping paper, at the craft store. Cut a large circle, gather it with your hand over the top of the bar, tie off with a twist tie or other wire, and follow the instructions for heating with the blowdryer. It works like a charm, and is fun to do besides! Finish off with any decorative ribbon or such as you like.

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By Marilyn (Guest Post) 10/26/2007

I have placed mine on a 6x6 inch tile. I cover with plastic wrap and tie with a pretty wrap.

I have seen them wrapped alone in colorful paper and tied.

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By Chayil [5] 01/01/2009

Wrapping a homemade soap with tissue paper provides a biodegradable packaging that allows the recipient to smell the soap and anticipate using it.

Wrapping in fabric allows the recipient to smell the soap, and provides a slightly more sturdy wrapping. You can even make the cloth a gift, too -- say, a flannel facial cloth or a pretty cotton scarf to tie back the hair.

Both wraps will allow another benefit: airing out the soap bar. The longer you keep a soap bar exposed to air, the harder it will get, and thus, the more slowly it will melt/erode with use. Every time I buy soap, I buy an eight-pack of soap bars, and when I'm down to four, I buy another one and unwrap all the bars. That way, they can sit in a drawer and harden for several weeks.

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