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Planning a Dance Birthday Party for Teens

teen dancing

Planning a birthday dance party for your teen requires some work. This is a guide about planning a dance birthday party for teens.



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Question: Planning a Dance Birthday Party for a 13 Year Old Boy

My son is turning 13 in a couple of months. I wanted to rent, maybe a hall, and have a boy girl dance, a DJ, and some small food. Can that be it?, food and a dance? Or do they need something else to do? Also, I need a reasonable place to rent to have this party/dance. Can anyone help me, please?

By MRS. LADY from Southhaven, MS

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By Nola 1 08/20/2010 Flag

Having had four children and a youth group leader for a number of years. I find that middle school kids want a "Boy/girl" party but don't know what to do. I actually found that by taking the songs my kids liked, burning them to a CD so they played in sequence worked as a DJ for them. I also found that they don't really know what to do and having a game of limbo or twister ready was really helpful for those slow moments of the party. It also gives a parent a reason to stick around. Most of the time the kids liked simple foods for the party.

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Question: Planning a 13th Birthday Dance Party

My twins are turning 13, I would like to plan a dance party. The twins are a boy and girl. I need help with invitations and party ideas.

By Wanda W.

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Question: Advice For 16th Birthday Dance Party

I'm having a sweet 16 party on November 9th, and it is going to be a dance party. I'm trying to think of how to decorate it because its going to be at my clubhouse in my neighborhood. I was thinking of black and dark pink colors or something like that. I was wondering what kind of party favors I could do that would not be to expensive. I found these cute invitations that look like tickets but I didn't know if that would be a good idea because it isn't a concert. So any opinions you have or any other help would be great. Thanks.

Alayna from Georgia

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