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Removing Rust Stains from Fabric and Clothing

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No matter how the stain got on your clothing, a rust stain can usually be removed by following a few simple steps. This is a guide about removing rust stains on clothing.


Solutions: Removing Rust Stains from Fabric and Clothing

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Tip: Bleach Sets Rust Stains

Do not use bleach to get out rust stains. It sets rust. Watch those cleaners with bleach additives.

By Diamondee

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Here are questions related to Removing Rust Stains from Fabric and Clothing.

Question: Rust Stains on White Clothing

Does anyone know how to get rust stains out of (white) clothing?

By hammaoftwo from Knoxville, TN


Most Recent Answer

By sarah [23]11/19/2009

I use bar keepers friend. Try it first on a tiny spot don't rub too hard you can get a hole in material. Best to you.

Question: Orange Spots on My Whites

What is causing orange spots on my whites and how do I get rid of them?

By Lina


Most Recent Answer

By Mary C. [12]09/29/2011

I had the same problem and noticed the receptacle that holds the bleach had deteriorated. It was causing rust spots on my clothes. I have a new washer and the problem is gone.

Question: Removing Rust Stains from Cotton Fabric

How do I remove rust from cotton pants?

By Josie from Melbourne, Australia

Most Recent Answer

By stacief04/27/2012

I had two small rust spots on a white cotton sweater. I used Bar Keeper's liquid cleaner on it. I dabbed it on and let it sit a day and then laundered as usual. It didn't harm the fabric and completely removed the stain.

Question: Removing Rust Stains from Clothing

How do I remove rust spots from garments?

By Ana

Most Recent Answer

By Elaine [129]12/20/2011

I agree with Jsham, Whink is the way to go...a wonderful product.

Question: Removing Rust Stains on White Coat

How can I remove rust marks on my nearly new white Anorak winter coat? Please help.

By Charlie

Most Recent Answer

By Brandy J. [3]06/23/2011

I once lived in a house with a well that had terrible amounts of iron in the water. I discovered a product called Iron Out. I found it in the hardware department of Walmart. It is safe to use on clothing. I would just follow the directions on the packaging. I used a half cup in my laundry, but I remember there were other directions for spot use.

Question: Removing Rust Stains From Fabric

How do you remove rust from the neck of a white shirt? The hanger it was on in the closet broke and rust from the metal part got on the neck of my white Sunday shirt.

By Earl from Moriarty, NM

Most Recent Answer

By Monica [239]11/12/2010

Pour lemon juice on the rust spot and allow the shirt to sit in direct sunlight for at least 20 minutes. Rinse and launder as usual. Repeat if necessary.