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Reusing Bakery Packaging

Reusing Bakery Packaging

There are many craft and other uses for the packaging from your bakery items, especially the clamshell style and other plastic boxes and trays. This is a guide about reusing bakery packaging.


Solutions: Reusing Bakery Packaging

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Tip: Reuse Plastic Cupcake Trays to Start Seeds

Use cupcake trays from the grocery store bakery for mini greenhouse to start plant seeds in. Each cake compartment holds a peat seed starter pot nicely. All you need to do is use a soldering iron to melt some drainage holes and a couple vent holes on top. Use peat seed starter pots in each cake compartment. When plants get bigger just remove the peat pots and reuse your cupcake greenhouse over and over.

By Kim from Kansas

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Tip: Reusing Bakery Trays

Bakery Tray with Crackers and DipI bought some pull-apart bread last week. The tray that is on the bottom is black, but can't be recycled in this state. The center has a ring in the middle, and two other rings larger toward the edges. The first thing I thought of was doing this, and wanted to share it with you all.

I put a dip of half hummus and half cottage cheese, then surrounded them with crackers. You can use a glass dome and put something festive inside too, using the dome upside down to show what it is, then decorate with veggies and other things, even those that are non food. If you can find one of these in the bread section, you might want to try it out.

BTW: the clear bread section is good for starting plants, small toys, craft items, paper plates, and just about anything you might need. Hope this inspires others!

By Poor But Proud from Yorktown, VA

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Tip: Reusing Clamshell Bakery Packaging

I sometimes get packaged molasses cookies at the DT. They have the coolest plastic containers that I often reuse. Reusing Clamshell Bakery Packaging

Here are three ideas for your home that might help "declutter" the end table, work, and desk space.

  • I made a coaster just as an example of what you can make or buy that would fit in it.
  • Reusing Clamshell Bakery Packaging for storing craft projects.

  • You can also put in things on the desk, like post-it notes, tape, white-out strips and more.
  • Reusing Clamshell Bakery Packaging for storing office supplies

  • And in the hardware area of the house, especially in those "junk drawers" that get out of hand, this last tip is handy, too.
Reusing Clamshell Bakery Packaging for organizing drawers.

Other ideas I didn't have a photo op' for are:

  • Leftovers you can slip in a zip lock baggie
  • Soap storage
  • Catching the drips in the round shampoo and conditioner bottle
  • Laundry or bus change
  • House and car keys

Can you all think of more things to use them for?

By Sandi from Salem, OR

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Tip: Think Before You Toss

One of my mottos is "think before you toss!" Now and then, I buy a deli pie, muffins or cake, or someone brings a similar product to a "bring your own dish to share" gathering. I was merely 'tossing' the sturdy plastic containers, complete with domed tops, until I realized that they are handy as containers for give away home cooked products. A friend is sick? Make her family a cake or cupcakes and deliver in a 'toss' container. One with a see through top even acts as a serving container for cookies on what I call my Snack table!

By Janet Hounsell

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