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Reusing Spice Bottles

A collection of spice bottles with lids.

The small jars that spices are sold in can be repurposed for a variety of things. This guide is about reusing spice bottles.


Solutions: Reusing Spice Bottles

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Tip: Reusing Spice Containers

Recycle those bigger shaker bottles that spices come in. I reuse them and fill with cinnamon sugar or flour (for that quick shot you need to make great gravy).

It is so much handier to have one bottle to grab while I'm cooking than having to go to the pantry for the canister of flour. I also like to use them to make my own spice blends. This saves so much time when you're putting dinner together.

By aloham58 from Onalaska, WA

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Tip: Reuse Paprika Container for Black Pepper

Place black pepper in an old paprika container.

When I'm cooking, I found that getting black pepper out of a paprika container is much easier than using the little glass pepper shaker I keep on the stove top. Instead of going shake - shake - shake - shake - shake - shake, I just go sprinkle - sprinkle, and I'm done. I keep it handy in the cabinet above the stove.

I accidentally left the first one on the stove top while cooking and the heat warped it. It leaned a little but was still usable. I don't use much paprika so I had to wait a long time to get a new container with the larger holes.

If you decide to try this, don't leave it on the stove top when cooking.

    By Litter Gitter [148]

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    Tip: Reuse Spice Bottles for Baby Powder

    I use empty plastic spice containers to hold baby powder. Works great.

    By Bon from Northfield, NH

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    Tip: Use Spice Bottles For Paintbrushes

    Save your empty spice bottles (the ones with the holes in the top). They are perfect for holding kids' small paint brushes or the fine paint brushes you use for arts and crafts. To weight the bottom of the jar, just fill 1/4 full with raw rice.

    By SheilaMay from Bronx, NY

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    Tip: Reusing Spice Bottles For Organizing

    When spice bottles are empty, the plastic ones you get, wash them out with hot water and soap, remove labels and let air dry. When dry, you can store sewing pins, needles, buttons, small nails, tacks, anything small.

    By Barbara from Meeker, OK

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    Here are questions related to Reusing Spice Bottles.

    Question: Ideas for Reusing Spice Bottles

    Does anyone have any ideas for reusing glass spice jars? Thank you.

    By Sheilah

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Kerry 53 01/04/2010

    I use mine to store small amounts of paint that I mixed for a certain project. Usually it is acrylic paints that came from a craft project.

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    Question: Removing Odors and Labels from Plastic Spice Bottles

    I make jewelry. While at the craft store the other day I checked out the bead storage section. The bottles, etc. were very expensive. So I decided to improvise. I cleaned out my spice rack of old spices to reuse the plastic clear and semi-clear bottles for bead storage. It works great, except I don't know how to get the smell of some of the spices out of the plastic bottles and how to get the labels off! Any suggestions? Help!

    By Maw-Maw from Athens, GA

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Beth 25 1,120 01/11/2011

    Any of those ideas will work for the spice odors. For labels I can usually peel off the top layer of the paper, then I soak it in water until I have only glue. A spray with Pam spray and a sit over night will melt the glue right off.

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    Archive: Reusing Spice Containers

    To keep salt and pepper (or other spices) from spilling when traveling, camping, or picnicking re-use the smaller spice containers with lids. They're usually plastic, they have the shaker tops plus lids to keep the salt/pepper/spices from falling out all over everything.

    By Meari

    Editor's Note: Small spice containers are also great for putting your bulk spices in. For example, if you buy a large quanity of Cumin, just transfer it to your small Cumin spice container. It's easier to handle and already has the proper label on it.


    RE: Reusing Spice Containers

    You can also unscrew the tops off your shakers and place a small piece of plastic wrap over the opening and replace the tops. This will prevent spilling in transport. Just remove the plastic wrap before using and replace before transporting again.


    By Renee in TN

    RE: Reusing Spice Containers

    I have often saved spice containers over the years, both glass and plastic and they are handy for many purposes. Besides using for bulk spices, they can be used for spices you grow and dry yourself. If you have one with the shaker top insert, it could be filled with baking soda to use for cleaning purposes. Last year I made up a real nice meat rub and put in a recycled spice jar and gave that to hubby on father's Day along with some BBQ recipes and such I printed from the internet. I have also used an empty plastic spice bottle for powdered laundry detergent to take on vacation. The uses are endless! (01/15/2006)

    By Debbie52