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Shortening Jeans

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Often you can find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly in the waist, but are too long. This is a guide about shortening jeans.



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Question: Shortening Jeans With Heat'n Bond

I have been shortening jeans for my son using instructions posted on Thriftyfun to use the original hem. I have tried using Heat'n Bond tape to fasten the leftover jean material up the inside of each leg, but I cannot get the stuff to seal. I have followed the instructions and sometimes it works, sometimes not. I haven't figured out what the difference is. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated

By mhewitt556


Most Recent Answer

By mhewitt556 [2]03/29/2013

Thanks for your advice, kerredur. I am curious however, how you get the bottom to lie flat after washing. Seems to me it would want to curl if you cut it. And did you do anything to stop the fraying? Thanks

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