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Storing Almond Bark

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Almond Bark

Almond bark is a vegetable oil based candy coating. With proper storage the bark can be kept for while. This is a guide about storing almond bark.



Here are questions related to Storing Almond Bark.

Question: Last Year's White Almond Bark

How long does white almond bark last? I have a package from last Christmas. It still looks and smells good, but I don't want to use it if it could go bad.

Char from IL


Most Recent Answer

By Kim Churchman [3]12/22/2008

Sugar dries things out so well that it's a good preservative, so the almond bark is probably fine.

Question: Storing Chocolate Almond Bark

My daughter is getting married in 10 months. Can I stock up on chocolate almond bark now to make the molded candy a few weeks before the wedding, and should it be stored in the pantry or the freezer?

By nwanderski

Solutions: Storing Almond Bark

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