Storing and Organizing Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamps

Keeping your stamps easy to find when doing a project is helpful. This guide is about storing and organizing rubber stamps.


Solutions: Storing and Organizing Rubber Stamps

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Tip: Organizing Craft Stamps

Here is what helps me keep my stamps organized. I found these old wooden boxes (50 cents at the thrift shop), with a lid attached. As I filled each box, I would stamp the image onto a plain white piece of paper, which I also found at the thrift shop. This was my directory to help me find my stamps easier. I placed the paper inside a page protector (again from the thrift shop) to protect the paper.

Now whenever I add a new stamp, I just stamp the image and place the stamp in the box. I can now find the stamp easier and place the stamp back in it's original spot.

By Jetruth from Waterloo, IA

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Question: Storing Stamping Supplies and Stamps

How do you store your stamps and stamping supplies?

J.W. from MN

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Most Recent Answer

By Verle 12/26/2013

I use boxes for scrap booking paper. I have a butterfly box for birds and butterfly stamps, seasonal boxes for holiday stamps, and a long drawer for the stamps I use relatively often. It helps me keep organized and I don't even have to read labels!

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Question: Storing Rubber Stamps

What is the best way to store rubber stamps? Tips for storing rubber stamps used in craft projects as submitted by the ThriftyFun community.

Box Picture Frames

Try acrylic box type picture frames. They can be bought just about anywhere. You can stack them and label them by subject. They work great.

By Mary

File In Ziplock Bags

The best storage advice I have EVER heard came from an episode of Carol Duvall. She showed gallon sized ziplock bags with stamps laying flat in them to fill the bag. Then stand the bag up in an appropriate size box. When you need a stamp, you go to that box and flip through the ziplock bags (like leafing through a file cabinet) till you find the one that contains the stamp you need. Hope you can use this idea!

By GrammySheila

Drawer Cabinet

I store mine in a wheeled drawer cabinet. I first sort into small boxes and keep like stamps together. For example: I have a Christmas WORD box, flowers, get well, etc (I use checkbook boxes). I also write on the wood the name of the stamp for quicker identification. Always clean your stamps (I use a baby wipe) before putting back into storage. Happy stamping!

By Diana

Keep Away From Cardboard

Avoid storing them in contact with cardboard, it will cause the rubber to dry out more rapidly and reduce the life of your stamps. Plastic baskets, plastic shoe boxes, and plastic silverware organizers are good for using in drawers to protect your stamps. You can also use a tackle box, the depth of the drawers is ideal for most stamps, and you can remove dividers by scoring them with a blade to make more wide open drawers.

By QueenBeeCrafts

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Most Recent Answer

By Peggy B [9] 08/26/2009

For the real small stamps I use the hanging bag with small pockets that you buy to store jewelry in; usually pins and broaches. Perfect solution, you can see each one.

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