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Thanksgiving Turkey Craft Ideas

Thanksgiving turkey craft.

Kids and adults both love to make turkey decorations for the Thanksgiving holiday. This guide contains Thanksgiving turkey craft ideas.


Solutions: Thanksgiving Turkey Craft Ideas

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Craft Project: Thanksgiving Turkey In Disguise

Disguise Tom the Turkey so that he is not caught for Thanksgiving Day Dinner! Super hero turkey all put together.

Approximate Time: 10-20 minutes


  • turkey template
  • scissors
  • glue
  • glitter
  • felt
  • markers or crayons
  • any other items you can find in your home
Supplies for Tom Turkey disguise.


Disguise Tom the Turkey so he is not caught for Thanksgiving Day Dinner. You can get creative and use things around your house to disguise him. You could disguise him as anything your child would like, such as another animal. We disguised him as a Superhero!

  1. First have your child color Tom with markers or crayons.
  2. Young boy coloring turkey drawing in.

  3. Get all of your other supplies ready.
  4. I cut out a mask, cape, boots, and other superhero emblems to disguise Tom. However you could use anything in your home to disguise him as anything. Red cape and super hero turkey emblems cut out of felt.

    Get creative!

    Turkey cutout, colored in blue with cape and eye mask placed on top ready to be glued.
  5. Once he is colored, cut him out and glue on his disguise and anything else; such as glitter.
  6. By Domestic Charm from AZ

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Construction Paper Turkey Decorations

Make turkey decorations from construction paper or fun foam - not your typical trace your hand turkey design!


  • you need a total of 3 hand shaped pieces
  • one gourd shaped, think small round on the top of a fat bottom round (like a number 8)
  • small feathers
  • wiggle eyes
  • yellow or brown pipe cleaners
  • feet, beak
  • white glue

To Assemble:

  1. Use the gourd shape for the birds body and on each side attach one hand for the feathers - then the 3rd hand on the bottom (large end of gourd.)
  2. Use the colored craft feathers behind the head, wings, and bottom.
  3. Make spiral shapes for the 2 legs out of pipe cleaners (wrap around a pencil).
  4. Make feet to attach at the end of the pipe cleaner - like 3 rounded toes.
  5. Make beak- think v shape with rounded top.
  6. Attach wiggle eyes close together at the top of beak.
  7. You can embellish further if desired by adding a stick under the feet so he looks like he's standing on a perch - and ribbons to the end of the stick to go up to a point above the head for a hanger.

Almost any age kids can do this - you may need to do some of the cutting if they can't; or purchase pre-cut hand pieces from craft stores (but that's not too thrifty).

Fun foam is firmer than construction paper, but either will work. You could even use fabric scraps, but it would need to be glued to a backing like cardboard.

By Mary S

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Straw Hat Turkey

Straw Hat Turkey


  • straw hat
  • felt (any color you want for feathers)
  • hot glue and gun
  • string (to hang up)
  • ribbon to tie under face


  1. Cut out all feather pieces as in picture.
  2. Cut out eyes and beak and feet and red thing under beak.
  3. Glue feathers, eyes, beak, and feet onto hat.
  4. Take black ribbon and tie in a bow and glue on under face.
  5. Glue string on back to hang up.

By Sandy from Bluff City, TN

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