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Uses for Cardboard Wrapping Paper Tubes

Wrapping Paper Tubes

These leftover tubes can be used in crafts, for storage and in other ways. This guide is about uses for cardboard wrapping tubes.


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Tip: Reusing Empty Gift Wrap Tubes

I save my empty tubes to save my grandson's art. Rolling the art in a tube form lets me keep them "fold free". I can save quite a few in each tube and I date them by the year they were made. He started when he was about two and he just turned 5 in April.

By Christi-TX from Abilene, TX

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Tip: Use Cardboard Tubes as a Window Brace

My old windows are not in the budget for replacement as of yet, so sometimes when I want to open them, they slide down and will not stay up. To solve this problem, I brace the window up with a cardboard tube from wrapping paper, which I can cut to any size to fit in between the bottom of the window and the space behind the sill. These hold the windows open very nicely and can be replaced when they wear out for "free". If you place them at the side of the window, the tube will be out of sight.

By Marie from West Dundee, IL

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Question: Uses for Cardboard Wrapping Paper Rolls

Uses for those cardboard rolls that you get with wrapping paper. Post your ideas.

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 01/15/2005

Use your leftover rolls from paper towel and wrapping paper to wind your Christmas lights around and you will never be left with a mess of tangles again.

By Liz Serich

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