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Uses for Old Shoes

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boot planter

Old worn shoes don't necessarily need to go into the trash. With some creative thinking you can find new uses for those old shoes. This is a guide about uses for old shoes.


Solutions: Uses for Old Shoes

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Tip: Recycling Shoes

My old leather shoes were beyond repair according to the local cobbler. So I tore the leather away from the sole and cut it into interesting designs and hot-glued them onto a plain pair, and then glued a nice button on top for decoration. Now I have "designer" shoes that I designed.

By springmaid5

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Here are questions related to Uses for Old Shoes.

Question: Uses for Old Shoes

What can I do with old tennis shoes and steel toed work boots?

By timnc2708 from Winston, GA


Most Recent Answer

By carole [14]09/30/2009

Use them for planters. Really cute!