Uses for Rope Lights

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Besides Christmas decorating, there are a number of ways that rope lights can provide indirect lighting and save energy. This guide is about uses for rope lights.


Solutions: Uses for Rope Lights

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Tip: Rope Lights Show the Way

My husband and I just got a new bed and it is slightly bigger, just enough for me to run into it during my middle of the night bathroom trip. A night light in the bedroom keeps my husband awake. So, my solution was to get a string of the LED rope lights in a soft white color. I ran it under the bed, along my side. This provides just enough light for me to find my way back into bed without running in to it. I just follow the light and stop when I get to it. And, since it is under the bed, it doesn't shine towards my husband's side to wake him up.

When my children were smaller, I had a rope light that ran from their bedroom door to the bathroom door. Each bedroom had a different colored rope light so they knew which one to follow to get back to the correct bedroom. This works well for elderly people as well, to provide enough light to find their way at night when they don't want to turn on a bright overhead or don't have an outlet in the right place for a night light.

By April from NW, MO

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Tip: Rope Lights for Campsite Lighting

I've seen campers use solar lights to light their site after dark, but if you have one with trees, they may not recharge properly. My husband and I use rope lights. We drape them under the awning and down the poles, lay them on the ground around the perimeter of most of our site. If needed, we make a path from the RV to the water for walking to the boat after dark.

This gives us plenty of light and they are all connected and plugged in to a multi outlet unit, so we just flip one switch when we go in for the night. Some fellow campers that we know have started doing it as well.

By Sheila from Wrens, GA

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Tip: Uses for Clear Rope Lighting

After the holidays, buy clear rope lighting on sale at 75% off! Rope lighting works great when attached under a bar, cabinet or bed in the home. It looks like the bottom of the bar, bed or cabinet is glowing!

If you do craft fairs or run a business of any kind, buy rope lighting to show off your wares. It's great for your window and in-store displays! You can turn the lights to "flow" where they blink like water running, or just keep them on. I got 20 feet for only $4 last year, and the year before at my local hardware store. I also picked up some solar (Xmas) lighting at Target (for 75% off) I use all of these year-round!

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Tip: Add Rope Lights To Top Of Cabinets

Use rope lighting on top of your kitchen cabinets or on top of your dining room hutch. It's a very nice and subtle way to show off your creativity

By Joe from Inver Grove Heights, MN

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Tip: Rope Lights Under Kitchen Counters

I recently had my husband install white rope lights under my kitchen cabinets. The package actually came with hooks that could be attached to the underside of the cabinets with screws. The lights provide nice, soft, indirect lighting for the countertops. I leave these lights on all night as a night light. The wattage is very low, so it is a great way to go for having just a bit of light in the kitchen.

By Glowgirl from Watertown, WI

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