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Uses for Vases

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A nice glass vase.

You can end up with extra floral containers and need a creative way to reuse them. This guide contains uses for vases.


Solutions: Uses for Vases

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Yarn Wrapped Vase

Vase in the WindowGoodwill always has a bunch of glass vases for sale. I decided to dress up one of these vases by wrapping it in colorful yarn. It turned out really cute!

Approximate Time: 20 minutes


  • clear vase
  • yarn
  • Modge Podge
  • scissors
  • sponge brush, paint brush, etc.
  • clear coat (optional)
Supplies for yarn wrapped vase.


  1. First, clean and thoroughly dry the vase.
  2. Starting at the neck of the vase, apply a thin layer of Modge Podge and adhere the beginning of the yarn. Using a paint brush apply some addition Modge Podge on to the yarn end to help hold it in place.
  3. Applying Modge Podge to vase. Applying extra Modge Podge on beginning yarn end

  4. Begin wrapping the yarn around the vase, while holding the glued end of the yarn in place so that it doesn't slip. After you have gone around the vase 5-6 times if is probably safe to let go of the end.
  5. Wrapping yarn around vase.

  6. I recommend applying the Modge Podge no more than an inch or so at a time as it will dry out while you are wrapping. Continue applying Modge Podge and wrapping the yarn until you reach the bottom of the vase.
  7. Continuing to wrap yarn. Half way mark on yarn wrapping.

  8. It is important to keep the yarn taut as you wrap it, to ensure that it stays tight to the vase and adheres well.
  9. Apply a little extra Modge Podge where the yarn ends and cut the yarn. Hold the end in place for a minute so that it adheres well. Allow vase to thoroughly dry.
  10. Applying Modge Podge with paint brush. Gluing end of yarn.

  11. Once the vase is dry, you may want to spray the vase with clear coat. Modge Podge is water-soluble, so clear coat is recommended if you plan to put water and flowers in your vase.

Note: This same technique could be used on many different glass jars, for other uses. Have fun!

Finished vase.

By Laurel from Port Orchard, WA

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Here are questions related to Uses for Vases.

Question: Uses For Florist Vases

Does anybody have any ideas what to do with the standard bud vases you get flowers in from the florist?



Best Answers

By Gailya Illsley [7]08/23/2009

If you have a garden you can glue figurines to the bottom of your vase using construction cement. Then place the vase over a piece of rebar which has been driven into the soil in your garden. These make lovely garden art for pennies.

Best Answers

By Michele (Guest Post)01/17/2005

You could use the vases for gifts. Add more flowers, either silk or fresh. If you have children they can make flowers from coffee filters, construction paper ect. You can make 'candy' flowers. Take different kinds of candies, candy bars, M&Ms, etc. and tape them onto florist sticks or skewers, add the 'flowers' to the vases and give to sick friends as a cheerful gesture. Hope this helps.

Best Answers

By Marian. (Guest Post)01/17/2005

Hospitals and nursing homes are always looking for vases. When patients leave; they take their flowers and vases. Many times visitors bring flowers from their own gardens and therefore vases are needed.

Question: Party Uses for an Empty Vase

Cut or molded glass vase.My sister is having her birthday party done and we are using some things from our house. We have an empty vase, so what can we use it for in this party?

By jamilabazoun from Lebanon


Most Recent Answer

By Mary Lou [14]03/04/2013

It looks like it has a fairly narrow neck, perhaps it could be used to hold a candle or the sticks from some balloons.