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Using Telephone Receiver Cord to Tie Up Plants

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Plants with cord wrapped around stem and bamboo stake.
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I needed to tie up some of my vegetable plants and I'm out of garden twine and string. When I was looking for something suitable that will not break the stems I saw one of my very old receiver cords for the telephone. It is the one that goes from the phone to the telephone receiver; the curlicue one. And I thought maybe that wrapped around a pole and the plant stem it might work. Well it definitely does plus it will give as the plant grows.

The fun part will be finding them, since most everyone either uses a cell phone or cordless. I have seen them a the dollar store and depending on the length that you cut them into, I do suggest a minimum of at least 5 curls, will determine how many you get. They can be used year after year after year.

By Babbie from Lemon Grove, CA


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By lstanhope63 [1]05/21/2014

What a great idea! I never would have thought of that. Hope you win a great prize for sharing this.

By AuntieBim [3]08/06/2012

If you can't find any kicking around your house (or ask your neighbors), check out your local thrift shops! Ask them, too, because many items are tossed if the person tending the items don't think it's a good re-seller. If you put them on alert, many places will put them aside for you (other items as well, of course--that's how I know this!). Usually you will have to check back yourself from time to time--they don't put you on a call list. But this is really a great idea. Can't wait til I can have a garden again!

By Chia [1]08/06/2012

What a great idea! I've been using strips of fabric from discarded clothing to tie up veggie plants, but your strategy seems to make a lot of sense! I like the idea of not having all that fabric hanging all over the place! I can't wait to try your idea!

By Babette [33]08/04/2012

If you notice in the photo there is a cord that is white/gray that particular 1 has been in the backyard in Southern California for at least the last 6 years exposed to all the elements no cracking no splitting they're not falling apart at all and I figure I would probably lose them before they began disintegrating + when I used yarn, pantyhose, stringed the large twist ties off of vegetables I would have to make sure I had a pair of scissors with me during cleanup time to cut everything free, this way I just untwist them.

RE: Using Telephone Receiver Cord to Tie Up Plants

By xintexas [28]08/04/2012

I think that the plastic covering will crack and split from being exposed to the weather. That type of plastic also dry rots causing it to flake off. I use my old and left over yarn to tie all my plants.

By MissyMoo07/31/2012

Thanks for another green idea!

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