Breaking in New Shoes

Trying on New Shoes

New shoes can be uncomfortable when you first wear them. This is a guide about breaking in new shoes.


Solutions: Breaking in New Shoes

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Tip: Breaking in New Shoes

I was getting blisters from my new shoes. A neighbor told me to rub clear deodorant where I was getting the blisters. This helped until I broke them in.

Source: A neighbor

By coville123 from Brockville, Ontario

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Tip: Use Alcohol to Break In Shoes

If you have leather shoes that are a bit tight, you can "break them in" by spraying them inside and out on the tight spots with alcohol (I use cheap cologne). Wear them around and repeating applications of the alcohol until the tight spots have stretched. I have also used this method on the tight tops of the box toes of brand new leather sneakers.

By pamphyila from L.A., CA

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Tip: Breaking in New Shoes

When wearing a new pair of shoes with stockings, you might hear a noise as you walk where the heel slips off the shoe because of perspiration and newness of the shoe. Well put some rubber cement (glue) on the heel section of the shoe, let it dry and it works like a charm, no more noise and embarrassment.

By Patty B

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