Homemade Garden Decorations

Recycled Metal Garden Decorations

Dress up your garden with elegant or whimsical homemade garden decorations. This is a guide about homemade garden decorations.


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Tip: Stained Glass Yard Light

Stained Glass Yard LightI bought this stained glass lamp shade at a garage sale, and the table base at a different sale. I bought a solar rope light and coiled it around a clear glass vase, and put it under the lamp shade. (Note the solar collector at the left base of the stand.) I tied the shade to the base with green twine, so that it wouldn't blow off.

By kflocey

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Tip: Garden: Recycled Metal Decorations

Recycled Metal Garden DecorationsI love to use old primitive looking things that I find, in my garden. This was found on the side of the road and I thought it looked like a flower, so I added it to my garden and throughout the summer, I started placing little flowers around it. I like unusual things in my garden, things, others might just throw away.

By Katie

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Tip: Painting Light Bulbs For Garden Decor

A fun craft and garden decor idea is to take old light bulbs and paint them. Glass paint is the best option, but you can use spray paint as well. Once painted in a design or color of your choice take a high gage wire, I use 20 gauge copper, and wrap around the base. You can wrap some around the bulb as well, if wanted. Then you can hot glue glass stones or little trinkets on the wire. Attach to your average garden stake with wire and a bit of hot glue and plant! I make mine with wire leaves to look like flowers and even bugs. Its really just what ever you want. Beware of children though or you may have one trying to smell your table lamps!

By Cookwie from Little Rock, AR

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Garden Picks

Garden picks to stick in your plants and flowers that are planted in pots. Watch them seem to fly when the wind blows. several finished picks

Approximate Time: 15 minutes per each one


  • needle nose pliers
  • steel wire (22 gauge)
  • straight pieces of wire
  • small foam ornamental objects
  • glue


I bought a subscription of Birds and Blooms magazine and got a hummingbird on a wire pick to stick in a potted plant as a free gift. It was so cute. When I found some cute butterflies and birds in the dollar store, I decided to make a few.

  1. Using some straight wire to use as picks. Take a pair of needle nose pliers and bend the end and put a small loop on the very end.

  2. Make some little "o" rings with some 22 gauge wire.

  3. Take some more wire (22 gauge) and stick it thru the foam bodies and make a small loop on the bottom of the birds and butterflies so the wire will not slip back thru the hole.

  4. Put some glue in the hole on the top and the bottom of the objects to prevent the wire from moving around and enlarging the hole in the body.

  5. Cut the wire about 2 feet long and put another loop at the top of this wire. I then put the "o" ring on this loop and attach to the loop at the end of the pick. The "o" ring allows the bird and butterfly to move and seem like they are flying when the wind blows.
pink bird

By Little Suzy from OH

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Tip: Decorative Pot

decorated black plastic flower potMake a great addition to your patio or front porch with this decorated planting pot! I used a regular black color plastic pot, attached a variety of buttons around the top with a hot glue-gun for a neat way to add color to the pot. Then I just wrapped a small swag of flowers around the bottom and filled it up with white rocks. Looks great alone or with an arrangement. Takes only minutes to make!

By Marcia from Denver, PA

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Tip: Seasonally Decorated Garden Wagon

Wooden wagon with large red bow on wheel.

This is my garden wagon. I had seen a similar one near a hardware store that was used to advertise the hardware store; it was smaller and used with seasonal items to advertisement purposes. I loved it and my husband took a picture of it and built me a larger version for Christmas 2006. It is built of cedar and we used clear varnish for protection purposes. It sits in my front yard as a focal point in the yard.

I put a big red ribbon on the wagon wheel and a Christmas stocking on the edge of it. A black kerosene lantern on a black shepherd hook is nearby to light the wagon.

I will use it for seasonal purposes, holidays. I will use pots and plastic window boxes for flowers in it.

By WandaJo from TN

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Tip: Garden Mushroom Cap

Garden Mushroom CapMake a mushroom cap out of concrete poured into a small plastic bowl, dried and cover it will broken plate "tiles" and grout! Pour concrete into a plastic ice tea cup and make the stem. Let dry, remove plastic cup, seal with glue and water, cover with tiles. Wait a day and grout. Place mushroom cap on top of the base. You''ll have an inexpensive and whimsical garden decoration. The picture is just of the completed top.

By Kim from Walnut Hill, FL

Editor's Note: Also a good way to use up your favorite broken pottery and dishes.

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Tip: USA Themed Backyard

I am doing my patio with red, white and blue. I am making a stencil from cardboard out of stars and spray painting my stepping stones in the appropriate colors. I think it adds a little bit of America to my back yard.

By Linda from Las Vegas, NV

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Tip: Another Use for Wrought Iron Plant Holders

In the dollar store there are foot high thin wrought iron plant holders, (to lean plants on) some have wire flowers on them, instead of putting them in a flower pot, I made small fences in my garden with them.

By Ginny

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Question: Gardening in Lacy Bloomers Sign

Remember those garden decorations from a few years ago of a lady bending over, showing lacy bloomers? I'm looking for a free pattern or at least a picture of one.


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Most Recent Answer

By Harlean from Arkansas [139] 10/14/2005

This is not the Lacy Bloomers Sign that you are looking for, but a lady's backside in a flowered dress. If you go to http://www.thewinfieldcollection.com/ and type in the search window "Backside Lady", you will find the lady I have described above.
Harlean from Arkansas

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Children's Garden Gifts (The Path Garden)

Looks like someone has been busy decorating in the "Path Garden" again. Hubby found these last Saturday. He hung two of the bird houses in trees, put the smallest on a pole back in the garden, and placed the shells back where they were left. He also found one flat painted rock with glitter near the chair and bench. Some little one signed the guest book, "Thank you for making My Secret Garden, I love it." Don't you just love it? I do.

By Great Granny Vi from Moorpark, CA

Children's Garden Gifts (The Path Garden)

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Garden: Wizard of Oz Decorations

My husband and I thought we would make gardening more fun by having a Wizard of Oz Theme. Our favorite is the tin man, made with various "junk" from around the house like an old teakettle, trash can and funnel. This year we are planning an Alice in Wonderland Theme. Homemade garden character decorations.

By Ellen from Ware, MA

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