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Homemade Spring Decorations

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Spring floral wall bucket using artificial flowers.

Spring decorations can bring the beauty of nature indoors. This is a guide about homemade spring decorations.


Solutions: Homemade Spring Decorations

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Bumble Bee Clay Pot with Coffee Filter Flowers

Here I painted a pot black and yellow and filled it with flowers using coffee filters.

Approximate Time: 2 hours


  • clay pot
  • yellow, green, and black acyrilic paint
  • coffee filters
  • food coloring: red, blue, yellow
  • paint brush
  • pictures of bumble bees
  • glue
  • floral organizer
  • wire for stems or stems from old flowers
  • floral tape


    Clay Pot

    1. Paint your clay pot yellow. Terra Cotta Pot painted yellow

    2. When dry paint black stripes onto your pot. This makes the pot have a cute bubble bee look.

    Coffee Filter Flower

    1. Fold seven coffee filters in half, then fold in half again. Folded coffee filter

    2. Fold two coffee filters into thirds on each side.

    3. Fold the other 5 in half again.

    4. Take your 5 filters and cut into a petal shape. It will look like a heart shape cut along the fold you will then have two hearts each 2 layers.

    5. Then cut the other two folded into thirds into a petal shape. These will look like three petals when opened.

    6. Fold the bottom 3 quarters of an inch, and then fold again, do both. Folded Coffee Filter Folded Coffee Filter

    7. Take your wire and bend into a hook at the top,and put it through the one petal center you folded into thirds and fold your hook tightly closed. Making a Coffee Filter Flower

    8. Place glue on your hook to hold it onto your flower.

    9. Then fold flower at one side to middle and fold the other side to the middle glue as they meet in the center.

    10. Take the other filter you folded into thirds and put a pleat in the middle apply glue at bottom of your flower.

    11. Keep all flowers even as you wrap around your wire glue on the next one. Fold 4 of your coffee filters at the bottom about 1 inch. It should look like a triangle at the bottom.

    12. Put glue across the bottom and roll around your flower not to tightly, and pinch at the bottom to hold onto your stem.

    13. Roll next three around your flower the same way. Fold rest of your petals up 1/2 inch. They should look like a triangle at the bottom, glue it onto your flower do the rest the same way. Then your flower is done.

    Flower Leaves

  1. Wrap your wire with floral tape.

  2. Paint a coffee filter green, let dry.

  3. Then cut out an oval shape for leaves.

  4. Fold in half and in half again

  5. Cut the top of each side into a leaf shape

  6. Cut the tip off the bottom to open the center. Leaves for a coffee filter flower

  7. Then unfold and slide up the bottom of your stem and glue to flower. Making a Coffee Filter Flower

Coloring the Flowers

  1. Mix blue food coloring into a cup and open the middle of your flower and paint food coloring in there and into the rest of your layers you only need a little bit it will spread.

  2. Do the same with red, and yellow food coloring.

Put your floral organizer in your pot and arrange your flowers. To cover your organizer I painted coffee filters with red food coloring to put in the pot around the flowers. The last step is to glue bees around your pot.

By Coville123 from Brockville, Ontario Coffee Filter Flowers

Flowered Hat

Mother's Day Flowered Hat

Mother's Day Flowered Hat

This is a simple, very inexpensive project that you can make for your own front door, but also makes a great Mother's Day gift for a mom or grandmother.

Approximate Time: 20 - 30 min. will require additional time if you paint the hat


  • used straw hat
  • spray paint
  • metal ring (optional)
  • wreath wire (optional)
  • silk flowers - can be previously used
  • scissors
  • quick-dry craft glue or glue gun
  • pop-top ring from can, cafe curtain ring, or something similar
  • small piece of wire or needle and thread


  1. Dig out an old straw hat or pick one up at a yard sale. Spray paint in color of choice and allow to dry.
  2. (Optional) Use wreath wire, which is very fine, to fasten a metal hoop to the bottom/back of the hat to keep the brim straight. I used a metal ring I pulled from an old lamp shade (waste not, want not) and it was perfect. Your hat may or may not need this addition.
  3. Cut the blossoms from several silk flowers and glue them to the hat where the "bowl" meets the brim. You can put them all around or just in a selected location. A ribbon bow can also be added, if it suits you.
  4. To add a hanger, you can glue the bottom section of a can pop-top pull, or sew a cafe curtain ring (or something similar) to the back.

By Marie from West Dundee, IL

Tip: Spring Hat

Materials Needed:

  • straw hat
  • assorted spring knick knacks (birds, silk flowers)
  • hot glue and gun
  • ribbon


Just glue on the things you have then tie ribbon around and hang as a decoration. Just use your imagination.

Straw hat spring decoration.

By Sandy from Bluff City, TN

Tip: Frugal Party Vases

Frugal Party VasesWe needed some cute vases for a baby shower, but funds were running low. So, I bought some Monetta Luxury cream wafer cookies, $1.00 a can at The Dollar Tree. I removed the cookies (and served them at the baby shower). I covered each can with a large size yellow napkin from Wal-mart (also $1). They fit great. No cutting involved.

I used a glue stick on the edge to secure the napkin. Then I hot glued a styrofoam ball inside each one to stick the flowers in. I added ribbon, rose buds, sequins, tulle and teardrop pearl beads. I attached them with a hot glue gun to the outside. I filled each one with bright green paper grass and pulled it up so it stuck out of the top about 2 inches. To some of the others, I added pink flowers inside them. They were a big hit at the shower and added wonderful touch. I added them to the guest tables and the Mommy and Daddy to be table. Everyone loved them. They were so easy to make.

You could really decorate these for any occasion. I am keeping them to do something for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have a huge sit down dinner at my house for these holidays.

By Tammy from Herrin, IL

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