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Storing Lemons

A half lemon sitting ontop of a pile of whole lemons.

Storing lemons properly will ensure that they stay good until you need them. This is a guide storing lemons.



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Tip: Keep Lemon Wedges in the Freezer

I wash and dry fresh lemons. Cut them into wedges and de-seed them. Toss them into a freezer proof bag or container.

Whenever I need a lemon in my drink, I add the frozen wedges. No need to thaw, use them frozen. If you need lemon for cooking/baking, take the wedges out of freezer and let thaw a bit.

By Laura from PA

Tip: Store Lemons in Sand

Fresh lemons can be stored long term by packing in sand. Just make sure no two lemons are touching.

Source: Did this when we lived in South Australia. Can't remember where we heard it.


Tip: How to Keep Lemons Fresh

I have my best results keeping lemons fresh (even halved) by wrapping first in good paper toweling, and then in wax paper, and keeping them in my fruit bin.

By foxygram from Combined Locks, WI

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