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Growing Cactus House Plants

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Growing Cactus House Plants

Cactus make great house plants particularly if you do not live in an area where they will thrive outdoors. This is a guide about growing cactus house plants.


Solutions: Growing Cactus House Plants

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Tip: Planting Cactus

When planting cactus, use either kitchen tongs or welding gloves, depending on size.

By Pamela from Sun Lakes, AZ

Tip: Use for Self Stick Curlers - Cactus Holders

What to do with those self stick curlers that just lay around in the bathroom in all different colors? They make great cactus plant holders! Fill them with dirt, and water little. They keep the cactus dried out enough to grow, and make a beautiful cluster, stuck together!

By Sandy in KS

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Here are questions related to Growing Cactus House Plants.

Question: My Cactus Will Not Stand Up Straight

I have a 15 inch cactus that will not stand straight up. It started to lean and I repotted it. It was straight for a while then started to bend again. Is it OK to to plant above the roots further up the cactus? What do you suggest to keep it straight?
Thank you.


Most Recent Answer

By Luann DeLuca [5]12/01/2013

I agree with OliveOyl ... a dowel appropriate for the cactus size with twine tied around the two should keep your cactus straight. I make sure the plant is well-watered, and thoroughly wet, then l slide the dowel easily into the soil close to the cactus as possible or needed to keep the plant straight. I don't think, out of my 25+ plants, there is one without some kind of support. I find the best item to use are Chinese chop sticks, that you get at your local Chinese restaurant. Save them, and they work just great!

Question: Growing Cactus

How often should I water my cactus and how much light does it need? Also is light from a light stand with a regular 100 watt bulb good for plants?

By Sharon


Most Recent Answer

By Vicki [21]10/21/2011

I don't know exactly about the light, but don't water often or much. Every couple of weeks, just a small amount. Not a cactus expert, although I do have one. Generally I would say regular (steady source) of light. They obviously can stand heat. Mine is on the patio near the light, but not in the bright light and it is doing fine.

Question: Help My Cactus

Dying CactusMy cactus is dying. Last Sunday it was still in good condition, but yesterday it seemed to be dying. The head of the cactus is turning a black color. The area near the roots is turning yellow. Is there any way to save my cactus?

Hardiness Zone: 4a

By Jenny from Selangor, Malaysia

Most Recent Answer

By Jenny Choong [1]02/13/2010

hmph, already a month then only get a feedback. I think it's cant save anymore. My mom had put outside my house and see it will recover by itself or not.

Question: Getting an Indoor Cactus to Flower

Potted cactus.I have an indoor cactus that gets lots of natural light, but has stopped flowering in the last few years. How can I get it to flower again?

By Sue


Below are photos related to this guide.

Our Daughter's Cactus

Flowering cactus in pot.

Photo Description
Awhile back, our daughter picked out a cactus at the hardware store. To be honest, I didn't have high hopes for the cactus' survival. Living in the Northwest, you quickly realize that there are a lot of plants sold in stores that can't actually thrive here with the rainy, chilly, and cloudy weather. To my amazement, not only has her cactus survived, but it has also rebloomed! She and I had actually had a long talk about the fact that the pretty flowers on it when she bought it would likely not come back. :) Boy was I wrong.

By lalala... [636]