Storing Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Storing Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Some vacuums come with numerous accessories that need to be stored when not being used. Finding a good way to store them will make it easier to find them when you need them. This is a guide about storing vacuum cleaner accessories.


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Tip: Keep Old Vacuum Tools

I keep all the old vacuum tools from all of my defunct vacuums, if I don't give them away. Most tools are interchangeable, an extra extension wand or hosing will really come in handy.

By Bailey from SW Michigan

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Tip: Storing Vacuum Cleaner Parts and Carpet Cleaner Hoses

My vacuum has several different nozzles plus a couple of extension wands. I was forever making trips back and forth to the closet where I keep them to get one thing or another. This got old really quick! So I put my thinking cap on and came up with a solution.

I got one of those hooks that goes over the door and that's where the hose goes. For the extension wands, they go in a tall bucket (mine is a tall cat litter bin that I covered with Contact paper). For all the nozzles and such, I have a bin that goes on the shelf in the closet and everything goes in there.

The places on my vacuum that are designed to hold the nozzles and such are a pain to get things into and out of. Plus once I do get the piece in there, it won't stay. So I took an old pillow case and cut it down to fit (I cut some off the bottom then restitched it), then ran a light rope through the top hem and I hang it on the vacuum. I put whatever tools I'll be using that day into the bag. When I'm done using it, the bag goes into the bin in the closet.

By Cricket from Parkton, NC

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Tip: Store Vacuum Tools on Vacuum

When vacuuming, hang the additional vacuuming tools on the vacuum. You can easily put the most commonly used tools in a plastic bag from the grocery store, and tie it on to the main part of the vacuum. This will eliminate going back and forth for your extra tools.

By Rosemary from Brewster, MA

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Question: Storing Vacuum Cleaner Parts and Carpet Cleaner Hoses

How do you neatly store these items?

By Betty from Lubbock, TX

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By Louise B. [6] 09/06/2011

You can get wire racks to hold this type of thing, or, in my garage, where I keep my hose for the central vac now that the power head no longer works, and I have a Dyson, I have a large hanger that is originally for hanging up garden hose. Works great.

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