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Making a Cat Window Perch

Young cat on carpeted window perch.

Making your cat a nice, wide window perch will undoubtedly gain you some kitty points. With a few materials and some time you can easily make your cat a perch. This is a guide about making a cat window perch.


Solutions: Making a Cat Window Perch

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Tip: Cat Window Perch

To make a cat window sill perch, cut a board as long as your window sill, and as wide as you want the perch to be. Take a piece of carpet, cover it, and staple excess under the board. Put 2 shelf supports under the perch screwing it to the bottom of the perch, and the other side of it to the wall. Make sure the screws do not go through the board all the way, or it will scratch kitty. To clean just roll a lint remover over it. Kitty will be sitting in the window waiting for you to come home and greet you.

By Southernbelleklb from Jefferson, LA

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Question: Widening Windowsills For Cat

My cat just loves to look out the window (especially at night). I have screens in the windows for safety. My problem is that my window sill is narrow and he barely fits his fat butt on it. I would like to extend my window sill by maybe a few inches. Any ideas how this can be done? Thanks.

Linda from New York City

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By Mom to Jerry (Guest Post) 01/13/2009 Flag

HI, just go to pet co. They have shelves that hook onto the windowsill, actually on top of the sill. They have brackets that press against the wall below and the seat is 8 inches wide and the width of a regular single window. I have two for Jerry.

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Question: Making a Cat Window Perch

I'd like to hear ideas about how to make an inexpensive, yet durable cat window perch. Or if anyone has ever made one, how did you do it? My 7lb. calico loves to sit with me at the window when I am at my computer, but during the winter, the window is closed and the ledge is not big enough for her to sit, lay, or stretch out. I would love to here a Do-It-Yourself way to build one.

By Vanessa

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