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Uses for Sour Milk

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Uses for Sour Milk

There are many wonderful recipes and other uses for soured milk. This guide contains uses for sour milk.


Solutions: Uses for Sour Milk

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Tip: Freezing Sour Milk

My kids eat a lot of dairy, but it does happen that we find that a bag of milk, cottage cheese, or yogurt will be sitting in our fridge past its expiration date. I have a few recipes ( e.g. pancakes, tuna casserole) that call for buttermilk or another type of fermented milk product. So instead of throwing out these sour products, I put them in the freezer to be defrosted when I have time to prepare the recipes. The end results taste delicious, and no one, except my pocket book, is the wiser.

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Here are questions related to Uses for Sour Milk.

Question: Uses for Sour Milk

I would like to find uses for sour milk.

By Barbara


Best Answers

By Dani01/03/2011

Only raw milk sours properly. Any milk that's been pasteurized will only rot and never sour. But if you have access to raw milk and it sours you can use it interchangeably with buttermilk. Its delish and tastes like a a mellow buttermilk.
You can add lemon juice to pasteurized milk to try and approximate soured milk, but its just not the same. If you ask me just use buttermilk. Most States make it really hard our outright ban raw milk because of some wonky misguided drive to sterilize the planet.

Best Answers

By ROSA (Guest Post)07/24/2005

Pour it in the garden pour it in your compost pile ( you do have one don't you ) :-) use it to water your plants outside , and roses love it !

Question: Uses for Sour Milk?

Does anyone have any frugal uses for sour milk that is not fit to drink anymore?


Most Recent Answer

By Blane [1]08/19/2011

Whomever it was that said raw and pasteurized milk are the same is lacking in the knowledge department. When you pasteurize something, you kill it - good and bad alike. Therefore, there is no such thing as 'naturally soured' pasteurized milk. If it turns, it is spoiled and if consumed will make you sick. Not so with soured raw milk. In fact, it's better for you that way than before because the good bacteria has multiplied and produced more goodies for your body.

Now, if you add an acid or the like to 'regular' pasteurized milk, you'll get a clabber that's much like soured milk in consistency, but it's not the same at all.

And before you start attacking what I have to say, my family (including my children) have been consuming raw milk for over seven years with no ill effects whatsoever. In fact, quite to the contrary, we don't get sick near as much as we used to on store-bought milk. Look at the link provided before for Weston A. Price Foundation - there are many resources that prove that raw milk is better for you and the environment.

Question: What is the Difference Between Sour Milk and Spoiled Milk?

What is the difference between sour milk and bad milk? Can I use sour milk in baking? My carton says 11/26.

By nonna1 from Montclair, NJ

Most Recent Answer

By Blane [1]08/19/2011

Sour milk only occurs when you have raw milk that has not been pasteurized/homogenized. If you have store milk that smells or tastes nasty, throw it out, it can make you violently sick. Sour milk, on the other hand, has more beneficial bacteria, and is quite good for you. If allows to separate, you can use the curd as sour cream, cream cheese (if you drain it off and allow it to sit in a strainer to get more whey out), and the like, it's much like yoghurt in that aspect. You can also use the whey (the watery liquid left after the curds separate) for many things too.

Question: Recipes Using Sour Milk

What are some good, easy recipes that use sour milk?

By Marlene

Most Recent Answer

By Donna [245]07/25/2013

Very healthy hair rinse.

Question: Uses for Sour Milk and Buttermilk

How old can sour milk and buttermilk be before it's not good to ingest? I am now an old man, alone and don't know much about cooking.

By JG from Holt, MI