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Gift for 18 year old Male

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What is a good birthday present for a boy who's turning 18?

By Tweekette from Elkhart, IN


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By alison [2]11/08/2010

Either a gift card to Best Buy, or event tickets to see their favorite singer or their favorite sporting event. Girl or boy would like that.

By jan [3]11/05/2010

You can get him earbuds, they range from a few dollars to as much as you want to spend. Almost every 18 year old walks around with earbuds in his ears or headphones on. Headphones vary in price also. It is something they can always use because the cheapies do not last long when used round the clock. we have cats that chew the wires so we are always replacing them.
They also like to meet their friends around food, so find out where he hangs out and get gift cards for that restaurant. Smoothies are in right now also so somewhere that sells smoothies would be great for a gift card also.
If they are driving you can buy a cube, like a milk crate or something that will fit in the trunk and fill it with all the things one would need if they broke down, this will vary depending on location but a few ideas are: shovel, wind sheild washer, the stuff that thaws out your locks, litter or sand, a nice long ice scraper and brush combo with a nice pair of gloves that stay with the emergency kit so he will always be sure his hands will stay warm, a bag of nuts or a protein bar of some sort, blanket, quart of oil, antifreeze, empty gas can, battery charger, jumper cables, paper towels, reflectors, light that can be used different ways depending on the need(flashing, straight shine, color coded for trouble, a few bucks hidden for emergency, hammer, screwdriver, small tool set....and the list goes on and on and is good at any price point. If money is tight then do the cheaper items in a nice cube storage which is part of gift, he can keep all his items in the trunk inside of there.

By Barbie [1]11/05/2010

I-tunes, cash, video games or gas card, I have four boys, they don't require much more than that to exist. :)

By sooz [76]11/05/2010

With my suggestion, a friend treated her 18-year-old son to a shave and haircut, which he loved. He loved the feel of a straight razor and now treats himself whenever he can. Then she cooked him and five of his best friends a fabulous dinner. Her husband was the waiter and then later the DD for an evening out for him and his friends. I think they went to the glow-in-dark mini golf. When they got back in the car, a bottle of champagne was waiting for them.

By cheeky monkey (Guest Post)09/09/2008

I am tryign to get a present for my 18 year old uncle so I thought a top or hoodie.

By corrine (Guest Post)08/08/2008

ANYTHING for their car! Boys are absolutely in love with their cars at that age, trust me.It's a great idea.

By michael (Guest Post)07/05/2008

My brother is turning 18. I am thinking of buying him a radio for his truck or maybe just a gas card, seeing how expensive it is.

RE: Request: Gift for 18 year old Male

By Maree (Guest Post)06/17/2008

Some 18 year old boys are off to university in another city. A friend told me a great idea. Buy him a suitcase and matching travel bag . I thought it was clever and very practical and something he would use for years.

By buck (Guest Post)12/10/2007

jimmy hats...

By Noneoftheabove (Guest Post)02/10/2007

Shoes, Clothes nick nacs, M&M's? Wrong grandma!
If you give them any of those then give them the reciept too so they can exchange it.
Just give them Cash.

By Tiffany (Guest Post)12/04/2006

Boys like shoes and clothes thats always a start if not that maybea good women

By MamawKC (Guest Post)04/10/2005

One Christmas I needed gifts for several nephews. I loaded a bag with Incense sticks, products for their car cleaning and car fresneners. A phone card is a good idea.

By Syd Barr [1]02/22/2001

They always welcome some cash, no matter how small. As a matter of fact that is what they prefer! Gift certificates to fast food restaurants is always appreciated.

Instead of buying a card, write a note and wish them a Happy Birthday with a sentiment and say "instead of spending money by buying a card, I decided to give you the dollars I would have spent on a card."

Dunkirk, MD

By tumblegum00702/16/2001

Boys like food right?
What I like to do for friends and relatives it to get an extra large wine bottle, which can be bought at a wine making store. First wash it out and let it dry.
Then fill it up with M&Ms or Skittles or any other small candies that will fit though the top. For a visually pleasing look, sort them in colors.


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I am low on funds; do you have any good ideas for a male 18th birthday?


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