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Cleaning My Chimney

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Does anyone know how to clean creosote out of my chimney? Does stuff like Red Devil work?

By Anna


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By Bill Taul (Guest Post)08/11/2004

My chimney ha been relined & is garanteed for life against chemney eires. I want to get some chimney sweep powder for burning out my chimney.""

By kcohenvt04/01/2001

I would hire a professional chimney sweep to tend to this problem. The fact is that the products that are used to clear creosote from chimneys are made to burn at an extremely high temperature, to burn out the creosote, and may cause a chimney fire or roof fire. The cost of a chimney sweep is much less than that of having to replace your home after one of these fires. I use to have a fireplace in my old home and used a chimney sweep each summer when their rates were lower. I had a dear friend lose her home and a child because she used some product to burn out the creosote from her chimney. She did not know about the fire on her roof until it was too late to save her infant son from the smoke that filled his room, when the roof caught fire above his room.
Please use a professional to tend to this problem.
Mrs Kathy Cohen

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