Uses for Plastic Newspaper Bags

Rather than toss the plastic bag your newspaper is delivered in, reuse it. This is a guide about uses for plastic newspaper bags.

Plastic Newspaper Bag
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If you get a daily newspaper delivered to you in long, narrow plastic bags, you can recycle them in a number of ways. They are great for holding shoes when traveling, so that the clothing in your suitcase doesn't get dirty. Each bag can hold one shoe or a pair of smaller footwear, such as flip flops.

I also store several of these bags in a large used plastic cup with a lid (think recycled fast food soda cup that you have washed) and that sits in my car in the cup holder - they are great to use as small trash bags. I also store my kitty litter scoop in one, so that anything stuck to the scoop ends up in the bag and not in the bottom of my cabinet.

By ginnywest from Murrells Inlet, SC

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If you live in an area, as I do, where the newspaper is delivered in a plastic bag, instead of throwing the bags away, give them back to your newspaper carrier. The carriers pay for these bags and my newspaper carrier was delighted to having some returned to him for using again.

By Myrtle M. from Chesapeake, VA

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Recycle newspaper rain bags to pick up and dispose of doggie poop when walking your dog.

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    Re-Use of the clear plastic bags from your newspaper

    I take the clear plastic bags that come on our newspaper and make covers for my spare cleaning supplies stored on shelves in our garage. Our house is small so the extras bought on sale or with coupons must be stored on shelving in the garage; this includes canned goods.

    I tie each bag in the middle and cut the bag at the top of the knot which creates two sleeves or covers that fit over most bottles of cleaning supplies or canned goods etc. This keeps them from getting dirty and dusty before they are used.

    With the bag being clear, you can easily see what is 'under cover' :)

    By marycrane from Orange Park, FL

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    If your newspaper is delivered in plastic "sleeves", save these covers. Then when you have a really messy job to do, slip a pair of them over your hands and forearms as protective "mittens"; discard when finished. Especially helpful for those of us with arthritis who struggle to put on rubber gloves.

    By Beth

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    I have friends and family save the plastic bags that the newspaper comes in, and I use them to pick up after the dogs. If there's a mess to pick up, I slide my hand into the bags, pick up the mess, and then pull my hand back through.

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    When walking your dog, take along the plastic sleeve from your newspaper. It is a perfect size for poo and fits into almost any pocket.

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    Recycle the plastic bags your newspapers come in by reusing them to pick up dog poop. I no longer get the paper everyday, so I asked my neighbors if I can recycle theirs. I now read the paper online and save both trees and plastic.

    By Bonnie from CA


    Use Newspaper Plastic Bags for Doggie Doo Bags

    The newspaper is thrown on my driveway from the delivery person's car and the plastic bag usually has holes in it from the impact. I try to recycle the bags by using them to hold used coffee grounds or wet tea bags so my garbage doesn't leak. Those bags are inadequate for my doggie needs. I have a large dog so I need large bags to clean up after her. I use plastic grocery bags for that.


    By OliveOyl

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    You know those bags that your newspaper comes in? Here are some tips for other uses:

    Put over your hand and up your arm to use as a glove for planting or picking up something dirty. You can take it off inside out and throw away what you pick up.

    Use to put a wet umbrella in before putting it in your briefcase or car.

    Double bag loaves of bread before putting them in the freezer.

    Use 2 (one on each end) to cover rolls of wrapping paper or rolled up posters.
    - - -
    Do you have any more ideas?


    Using Newspaper Plastic Bags

    Cut into strips and crochet into floor mats to use in kitchen. Place flour inside and use to bread chicken, chops or fish before cooking. - (01/29/2002)

    By April

    Using Newspaper Plastic Bags

    Use them to tie up dirty diapers. sort of my own "diaper genie" put in dirty diaper and knot off the bag. Still have room for 2-3 more diapers. (which I'm sure will change as my daughter is only a newborn!!) (01/29/2002)

    By TurtleNurs

    Using Newspaper Plastic Bags

    Put newspaper plastic bags on blades of ceiling fans to keep dust off when not in use. (01/30/2002)

    By momma68

    Using Newspaper Plastic Bags

    I use them daily to pick up dog poop in my yard after my mastiff goes outside. One is a glove, one is a deposit sack, when done push the glove one (right hand) inside the sack, knot the top and toss in the dumpster. Clean yard and not so disgusting as it used to be. - Judy in Memphis (01/31/2002)

    Using Newspaper Plastic Bags

    We have colds. We're carrying them around and putting used tissues in them. Fill up, tie knot in end and toss in trash. Also if you stuff one bag full of more bags and knot end, it makes a good knee rest. - Linne Dodds (02/03/2002)

    Using Newspaper Plastic Bags

    I got a phone call on the way to the bathroom. I didn't get to the phone in time so I took the cordless phone with me and thought once again about making some sort of tote for it when what do I see but a Newspaper Bag. Voila! I put the phone in the bag, squeezed most of the air out and gently tied it shut. Then just for the sake of trying, I dialed the time. The signal was so much clearer, it almost hurt my ear. Shortly after that I got my Mom who has a hearing loss to try the same call. She loved it. I also thought it would be a good idea if someone wanted to take their phone outside on a stormy night like we're having tonight. The only thing is you have to take off the bag when you put the phone back on the base unit or it won't make contact to recharge. I don't know if it would be O.K. for cell phones or not but might be worth a try. (02/07/2002)

    By Linne

    Small Garbage Bag

    Living alone, I don't generate very much "wet" garbage and with no disposal in-sink, I use the bags that newspapers are delivered in. Since I get the paper daily, I always have a "free" bag to just toss!

    By Gayle (04/26/2004)

    By ThriftyFun

    Pack Shoes in Newspaper Bags

    The plastic bags that your newspaper are delivered in make great holders for shoes when you pack your suitcase!

    By Becki in Logansport, Indiana (05/11/2004)

    By ThriftyFun

    Using Newspaper Plastic Bags

    Some charities use them to wrap diapers to give to needy mothers. One in particular I know of is through the United Methodist Church. Check with your church to see if there are any in your area. (11/16/2004)

    By calnorth

    Newspaper Bags For Shoes

    When it rains, our paperboy delivers the newspaper in a plastic bag. I save these bags for vacation time, they are perfect to pack a pair of shoes in!

    By Becki in Indiana (11/28/2004)

    By ThriftyFun

    Using Newspaper Plastic Bags

    I use theSsunday newspaper bags to slip over my computer keyboard. I duct tape it together on the back and voila! I have a nice cover to keep my keyboard free of dust (and cat fur). (11/29/2004)

    By Thursday_Next

    Using Plastic Paper Sleeve

    Use the plastic sleeve that comes on your Sunday newspaper as a cover for your computer keyboard. Just slip it on and tape up the back.

    By Anna (12/01/2004)

    By ThriftyFun

    Using Newspaper Plastic Bags

    Plastic bags, coffee or thin drinking staws and some string can be used for kite making (02/19/2005)

    By Autumn

    Plastic Newspaper Bags

    Recycling plastic bags your newspaper is delivered in.

    Keep a few in the car to hold your wet umbrella.

    Take to the beach or pool and put wet bathing suits or watershoes in after you change.

    Use to pick up or scoop anything you do not want to touch with bare hands.. Simply slip your hand in bag, grab whatever it may be, pull your arm back through and off your hand, then tie the bag and toss away!

    By michelle h (09/16/2005)

    By ThriftyFun

    Uses for Newspaper Plastic Bags

    I sew quite a lot. After cutting out the tissue pattern pieces;they no longer fit into the original envelope. I slip the pieces and the original envelope into the plastic "sleeve" (with the picture of the pattern showing of course). The pieces are easy to take out when needed. The plastic covers on subscription magazines can be removed carefully by slitting across at one end and used in the same way. (09/17/2005)

    By Miranda

    Uses for Newspaper Plastic Bags

    We use newspaper bags when walking our dog.When it come time to clean up a deposit. Slip your hand inside, gather the doo and slide the bag over your hand and inside out. If you make your know low enough, and leave the opening in the knot, you are left with a nice loop to carry the toxic material to the nearest refuse container. Just be sure there are no holes in the bottom (if there are, just tie a small knot) (09/18/2005)

    By Degerta Sue

    Uses for Newspaper Plastic Bags

    When I was receiving the daily paper (now only Sunday) I would save the daily bags till I had a bag full and then leave them out for the paper carrier and he would reuse them. Of course, I made this arrangement with him before hand. (09/19/2005)

    By GraNita

    Uses for Newspaper Plastic Bags

    Wrap metal clothes hangers with plastic bags, tape down at each end. It's good for hanging damp shirts on and does leave that sharp edge in the shoulders. (09/19/2005)

    By Stone2005

    Uses for Newspaper Plastic Bags

    I use clumping litter in my cats' litterbox. I scoop it daily into the newspaper bags. (09/22/2005)

    By katznbooks

    Uses for Newspaper Plastic Bags

    I have a daycare in my home and I use the weekday bags for dog walks and sending artwork home on rainy days and the larger ones for dirty diapers, along with all of the other grocery bags I can get my hands on. (02/23/2006)

    By suzi_homemaker01

    Uses for Newspaper Plastic Bags

    I really like the idea of giving them back to your carrier. My wife delivers papers 7 days a week. She has to buy the bags and rubber bands from the paper. This would help a lot of carriers out of another monthly expense. (08/26/2007)

    By d. stadnik

    Uses for Newspaper Plastic Bags

    I am a painter. If I am working on a job that takes more than 1 day and is all the same color paint, I just put my roller in it and twist it tight so all the air is out. No need to clean up roller. The next day the paint is still wet on the roller just like I left it. Also a sandwich baggy from lunch works great to keep my brush in. :) (01/19/2009)

    By Mike

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    I live in an apartment and am required to clean up after my dog. It seemed like I was buying the doggie doo bags all the time.

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