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Hanging Lights

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My son is turning 8 and we just painted his room a caruso blue making his room look darker now. there is no ceiling light, just a light switch connected to an outlet. I would like to do some kind of hanging light from the ceiling that doesn't require "remodeling" of any kind. any ideas? P.S. His birthday is at the end of this month, i would like to have it done by then.
- Jennifer


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By Katy (Guest Post)02/12/2005

I also painted my room a dark blue. if the room seems too dark or small, here are a couple of things you can do to brighten it up and make it look bigger.
1) use lighter colored furniture, blankets or accessorioes in the room (this will make the blue a background base color rather than the main focus color or the room and also make the room bigger and brighter)
2.) hanging asian style laterns: I love these! they cost $6-12 at target and you can get them in various colors and sizes. you can attatch them to a floor lamp or use the chord system provided to hang from the celing (requires no remoldeling etc ;) ).
3.) if lanterns arn't his thing, rope lights are the way to go!
hope this helps : )

By nikki082509/15/2002

Now they also make these great rope lights. They are like clear plastic tubing with lights inside and they come in various colors. They are a bit more expensive than christmas lights but they dont look quite as chistmassy. They are also easy to hang. You can find them at Target.


A string of clear christmas lights is the best solution. They are VERY cheap and provide the much needed lighting to the room. When I lived in Milwaukee it was not uncommon to see string lights year-round in peoples homes, especially bedrooms and over kitchen cabinets. Using push pins, you can string them around his window frame or all around the room near the ceiling (string two or three together(they plug into each other end-to-end). You can be creative and use push pins to create a design (like a boat shape) the push pins go in between the wiring to hold the shape. The and the best part is that it will give the room a wonderful glow and plugs into your existing outlet. Good luck!

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