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Remedies for Dog with Seborrhea

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I have a German Shepherd with seborrhea. It's a horrible skin disease that makes him miserable. He scratches constantly, bites, and is missing lots of fur under his muzzle and stomach. The skin is like soft black leather and most of the fur is gone. He is bathed twice a week with Sebazol, takes 1200 mg fish oil, vitamins E and A, and 4 Benadryl a day (all on the advice of our vet). Nothing seems to work. I have tried the baby oil, Listerine, and warm water mix. It didn't help and just mades his coat greasy. Any suggestions?

By Cisco's Mom from FL


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By kerislosh02/09/2014

Hello! My dog has Seborrhea and it is a terrible and frustrating disease. We tried everything until I finally put her on raw food and her skin has cleared right up! I suggest finding a provider that has good organic meat. I don't have to bath her twice a week or anything it's the only thing that has worked for her. Raw food is pricey, but not much more than expensive dry food. I would much rather spend the money on raw food than vet bills.
Hope that helps!

By marion davidson [22]01/09/2011

That's great news. I'm so pleased for you and, of course, your dog!

By Cisco's Mom [5]01/08/2011

Thank you all for your advice, home remedies, doggie tips and well wishes. I am happy to report great progress w/our wonderful Cisco. Our vet did a deep skin scraping and the diagnosis was seborrhea and yeast infection. He was put on a very measured dose of steroids (yes, I know many of you don't believe in them). All of the pills were cut in half and he received 2 doses (1 pill) for 5 days then a half pill for 5 days and then a half pill every other day. The other prescription is Ketanazole which is used for vaginits in women. That is to attack the yeast infection. Along with the Benadryl, vitamin E, A, and fish oil twice a day.

I'm ready to apply for my medical degree (kidding). He is also bathed twice a week (my husband handles that) once with Sebazol and once with Pyoben. Purina Selects salmon with brown rice food, no wheat, no corn, no soy. Expensive, you better believe it. We are about $1K in the hole since we rescued him in Oct. Worth it, every penny. We have a new 2011 version of Cisco. Hopefully this has knocked it out of his system and from now on it will just be maintenance. As for Cisco, 3 days into the medication he stopped scratching. He has grown fur where there were black leathery bald spots. But best of all he is confident, playful (he loves to play ball) he kisses and loves to be hugged and patted. I don't think he ever was before since he was so oily and smelled so bad. He prances with his head and ears up and confidence. We are amazed at how smart he is, who would have know before since he spent all his time in a corner scratching.

He is a joy and a whole new dog. Thank you all my new friends!

By Lizzyanny [9]12/14/2010

Have you considered skin allergies? It is so common. My terrier had it. after changing food many times, we finally ended up with canned salmon (skin bones and all) and brown rice. He stopped chewing himself right away, and lived on that diet until he died at 17 years. Good luck.

By DonnaFreak12/14/2010

Go to the pharmacy section of Wal-Mart and buy a gallon jug of pure aloe vera juice. Put about a quarter of a cup of it in a spray bottle, and fill with warm water. Spray it on the affected area several times a day. Also, buy some camomile tea bags, make a cup of it, then add another cup of water to it to make it half strength. Give this to your dog in place of his regular drinking water. Camomile has a natural calming affect that will help him to not be so frantic to scratch/chew/lick. Hope this helps! :c)

By Linda Bosley [1]12/14/2010

I have had good results with Diaper Rash Ointment, make sure it has 40 % Zinc Oxide.

By Liz [1]12/13/2010

Another thought: Has the beast skin been scraped to make sure it isn't mange? Those crittters aren't always "at home" when the scraping is made. It took scraping my poor cocker spaniel to within an inch of his life before they found he had sarcoptic mange. Then it took dipping him 4 times and 3 doses of Ivermectin to cure him. He was great from then on! Good luck to you.

By Liz [1]12/13/2010

You might also try bathing him with T-Sal that humans use for seborrhea dermatitis. It doesn't have sodium laurel sulfate in it which causes lots of people problems, me included!

By vicki hood [4]12/13/2010 Does wonders. Diet? Raw is best. Google it. Absolutely no corn wheat or soy. No Purina. No grocery store dog food. Cooking is good also/mixed with raw diet. Combo sweet potatoes mashed with a little sweet butter, veggies and canned jack mackerel or other fish long as it is not raw salmon which can give a dog salmon fever . Not much tuna (has mercury). Brown rice cooked with ground turkey. When almost done add few veggies. Add a little sweet butter Dry borax your house for fleas. Coconut oil in and out good for lots of conditions. It is oily but has wonderful healing and anti bacterial qualities.

By marion davidson [22]12/13/2010

How was the diagnosis made? Did they take a scrape for analysis? Like Farstar, I would suggest trying another vet. In the meantime, have you tried changing his diet. This could well be the cause. Good luck. It must be heartbreaking for you to watch this and not be able to help.

By CaroleeRose [49]12/13/2010

My Rosie has some sort of skin condition and she just chews and chews on herself. There won't be a flea on her, yet there are little red bumps all over her belly. I read a tip here on Thriftyfun about a reader who after everything she tried failed, soaked her dog in a bathtub with warm water and Epson Salts every two or three weeks and it cleared up her dog's skin condition and it's fur was growing back.

I did see an improvement in Rosie as well. I literally sat with her in the tub for 20 minutes pouring the water over her body and rubbing it in.

If I had a long haired dog, I would strip it's coat once so the skin could get all the benefit of the soaking. The fur grows back pretty fast and until it does just ket him outside to do his business and then back inside. They also make sweaters or since he's a large dog you can adjust a sweatshirt to keep him warm. I also give Rosie Benadryl but with time it can cause liver damage.

Good luck to you and your dog and I hope you find a solutrion that works for you.

RE: Remedies for Dog with Seborrhea

By NEWFIEGIRL [8]12/13/2010

I have owned German Shepherds all my life. Please seek another veterinarians diagnosis. Good luck to you and your beautiful shepherd boy.

By Cindy [3]12/13/2010

I had never heard of this (seborrhea) until I read your post so had to goggle it to find out what you were talking about. I'm sorry I don't have any answers for you or your dog, but wish you much luck in finding a solution! I understand how tough it is to see a pet deal with odd issues. Just wanted to wish you the best. You and dog take care, okay?

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