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Website Used to Give Items Away for Free

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Within the last couple of months someone posted a site that was started mainly for disabled, but is now used for anyone who wants to give or get free items in their own area. I thought I saved it, but it's gone and I have free Pergo to give away. I don't want it to go to charity that someone would have to pay for it. Does anyone have the site name?

Elizabeth from Salinas, CA



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By tees (Guest Post)11/10/2008

Yes, the website is

Find your State and county, then city and you are all set to go.

By Angolamom (Guest Post)11/10/2008

By Leann [7]02/15/2008

There is a website called it is like a garage sale, but things are free.

By Deborah Jones02/15/2008

Try Habitat for Humanity

By melody_yesterday [213]02/14/2008

i came across this one last month :

RE: Website Used to Give Items Away for Free

By Irais (Guest Post)02/14/2008


By (Guest Post)02/14/2008 it really is the best site! I have given as well as received!

By LuvMyGingerKids [45]02/13/2008

Find out if you have a home nearby for mothers and mothers-to-be in rehab.


Mothers of little ones in a local domestic violence shelter could definitely use a stroller. Here's one local to you:

Salinas Women's Crisis Center

By JoAnn Phillips [3]02/13/2008

Another one is where you can post it in your area.

By Jill [4]02/13/2008

Is it ?

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