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Bags of Candy With Sayings

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I am looking for sayings to use on baggies i.e. "M and M menopause pills". It s hard to explain but I saw them at a fundraiser. You have a poem then in the baggy is candy of some sort that goes with the saying.

Becky from Norton, KS


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By Elke (Guest Post)10/09/2008

I have chocolate coins and I can print whatever saying you would like on them.

By candy bar fundraiser (Guest Post)04/16/2008

you may find these at ... raising/hershey-fundraiser-tips.html

By LEONA LABINE [46]01/05/2007

I know what you are talking about, I've gotten and given a few. They sell stuff like this at the dollar store. Just go there with pen and paper in hand and write down a few sayings.
This is on the label of the last ones I got:

World Wide Dweeb (small letters)
INTERNUT(big letters, main part of label)
cures internet addiction(small letters)
Dr. E Mail(bottom corner)

The back label says:
Forgetting how to speak?
Eyeballs dropping below your nose ?
At last a cure for web addiction.

When thats all that's fit to print but you get the idea.

It is filled with little red candies.

By Judy (Guest Post)01/05/2007


You can get M&M's any color with anything you want printed on them, I will warn you they are a bit expensive ! Go to M&M website

By Cam01/04/2007


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