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My new place has the old horsehair walls so we can't remove the wallpaper. I need step-by-step instructions for wallpapering over wallpaper. Has anyone done it? How did it look?

Diesel Jayne from Plymouth, MA



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By JC (Guest Post) 05/15/2008

In 1982 we bought a farm house built in 1851 - horsehair walls! Talk to a person at a wall paper store cause things could have come along since then, but we wallpapered over the old with texture paper- first tho we put on a sizer as they called it. Also we selected a heavier paper with fabric backing and used paste - we were advised to not use the pre-pasted. Any good decorating store should have the answers for what is new on the market. Good luck!

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By Sharon (Guest Post) 05/15/2008

Why can't you remove the wallpaper, from your horsehair plaster walls? I live in a circa 1868 home, with horsehair plaster walls AND have removed wallpaper from seven rooms and two large hallways. I kept wetting the wallpaper with hot water. I put the water in a garden sprayer and let the water do the work! I put blankets on the floors, to catch the water. My ceilings were also wallpapered and I removed it too. Now THAT was a mess, with water dripping all over me!

The paper literally fell off the walls and ceilings! It was wallpaper from the 1940/1950's, so it wasn't vinyl coated paper. I would NOT wallpaper over wallpaper! Wallpaper is too expensive, to do that with! You take a chance of the new paper, pulling the paper under it, off the walls!

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By Annie Hartman 1 6 05/15/2008

I have the same issue, except my old layers of wallpaper are loose in places....

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By Lady (Guest Post) 05/16/2008

I have an old federal style house with horsehair plaster walls(1800s) and also have been re-doing the wallpaper. You have to be careful when scraping but, it does come off. The hot water helps and as others have already stated It IS worth having clean walls and not the worry of the new paper pulling away. Best of luck :)

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By Sarah (Guest Post) 05/18/2008

I feel for you. We had the same problem and we really messed our walls up bad in the office after attempting to remove it. What we did was put up bead board in that room and it looks fantastic! We liked it so much we may do the same thing to the bathroom. Also, you may try contacting a wall paper store they don't just install wall paper many will remove it for you.

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By (Guest Post) 05/19/2008

I'm certain, that under my wallpaper there is alot of crumbled plaster. Therefore, if I remove the old wallpaper I will have a huge mess on my hands...I live in a rental and don't want to pay for new drywall.

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