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Question: Is Project Payday a Scam?

By Martha 1

Has anyone been successful in working for Project Payday? I would like to know if this is a valid money making job, or is it a scam?

By Martha from TN

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By Jillian 3 28 Flag

January 8, 2011Best Answer

Definitely a scam! Stay away from project payday! If you want more details, just google "project payday".

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By Holly 367 1,263 Flag

January 8, 2011Best Answer

I looked into it for someone who needed to extricate themselves from this program. Scam. You have to spend so much $ and time 'earning' the rewards, that you come out at a loss. The forms are confusing enough to where you end up ordering items accidentally.

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By tahlula 4 203 Flag

January 10, 2011Best Answer

It is absolutely a scam. Beware!

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By Edge V. 1 Flag

September 29, 2014Best Answer

I joined them at the end of August 2014. I am only doing the referral program. I have seen over 2 dozen youtube videos with people claiming they only do the referral program and are making 100.00s of dollars per day. That, is a bit far-fetched in my opinion. I have been doing the posting, blogging and using forums and many many classified ad sites as told and in 4 weeks, I have made a whopping 1.50

I find that the people bragging on youtube are being secretive and liars. I saw one video of a guy who claimed (using only the referral program) he made 65,000.00 in two days. Again, that's a lie.

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Archive: Is Project Payday a Scam?

What do you know about Project Payday ( that makes it illegal or a scam?

Holly from Richardson, TX


RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

I set up a dummy email so I could get a little farther into the Project Payday site to see what it is about. You need to accept an offer from one of their sponsors, which all cost money for shipping at least, or something you need to cancel after a certain amount of time. That means they have your credit card number, which I don't give out if at all possible. Those offers look like the same old ones for any of the "free" products and deals out there. I don't think it is illegal but I think it is probably a scam.

Also some other site, (work at home) automatically will load after you look at the project payday site, which means that they are sending you to a site that rates these things. It will send you to other work at home opportunities but I bet all of these are scams too. They don't need a lot of people to click through to pay for advertising and only a couple to sign up to make their own money. The whole thing smells fishy to me.

Jess (07/10/2007)

By jess_admin

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

Having been bitten by more online hucksters than I care to remember I would be very leery of this site and others like it. To start with, trust your instincts. The home page tells you how 13 of 14 students made good income in their first 30 days, then even give you a cute little video to play so you can see someone giving you a testimonial. Despite all these glowing references they are not telling you what they are SELLING! You have to actually give them info before you actually discover what the game is about.

Visit this site several days in a row and you will see that this "time limited offer is about to expire at midnight today" They just keep moving it up by one more day every day. As for the "Average Joe" reference it sounds pretty much to me like they are saying you don't need to know anything about business or marketing in order to make some cash from this.

I laughed out loud on this: Point 6 of their $100 guarantee page says "Although it's impossible, if you can show that you completed the 4 steps for "Method 1" and didn't make money within 24 hours, send an email to and we'll pay you $100." Read ALL the words. In common language, the site is looking for suckers.

It may be a lead in to a network marketing scheme which classically hooks in "average joes" hoping that even if they don't make it "big" they can at least make a few bucks. In networkmarketing it is the company that creates the system that makes all the money. Think of it this way, if you had a great product why would you choose to hire inexperienced marketers to sell it for you? And then have THEM hire more inexperienced marketers creating their own competition.

In my estimation it is a scam. If it is illegal and they get any heat from authorities, a website can be taken down in a heartbeat. And they abscond with the cash. The common rule of thumb is that a company has to sell a product and their primary means of making money cannot be about recruiting new salespeople...or selling the right to sell their product.


By Sheraone

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

You can tell it's a scam because it just sounds to good to be true. Dave Ramsey says this a lot: Honest hard work is the best money-making scheme. The best place to go when you're broke is to work. (07/16/2007)

By Allison

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

"You need to accept an offer from one of their sponsors, which all cost money for shipping at least, or something you need to cancel after a certain amount of time. That means they have your credit card number, which I don't give out if at all possible. Those offers look like the same old ones for any of the "free" products and deals out there. I don't think it is illegal but I think it is probably a scam."

That was the reason I decided not to join at 1st, as soon as I saw it was asking for some kind of payment or card info, I immediately left. About a week or so later, I received an email basically saying that if I didn't have a card or paypal info, they have other sponsors you can do for free (literally, no shipping etc) or do a few referrals. I referred 3 of my friends (the required amount) an I was given automatic access to there membership pages (so you don't have to pay a penny for this).

After being able to sign in, I spent a while looking around, trying to figure out what exactly do they do. I gave it a shot, and like the page says, you won't get rich of this. It does work, I made about $50 or so within a couple hours (after I finally understood how it worked) and its really not that hard. They even give you video tutorials. So I plan to give this another shot and attempt to make more with it. Say what you want but I don't believe this is a scam. It sure looked it from the way they were asking for you to give card info or do sponsors, but you can also do the free sponsors and referrals, then it doesn't cost you a thing!

By BlueFlameWolf

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

I hate it when people say this "You can tell it's a scam because it just sounds to good to be true." I've gotten stuff for cheap, not from this site, but others where you complete offers and receive cash or gifts. I've spent a total of $310 so far in a month and received a PS3, ipod(s), $450 in paypal, and a $250 gift card to So when you say "it sounds to good to be true" it just irks me! Try out or or even they all work (07/22/2007)

By james

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

These kind of websites are really bad. I wish you could press criminal charges against them. The people who use them are like the rest of us, down on our luck, old, or single parents. They just tick me off. (07/26/2007)


RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

I am a member at Project Payday and so far it is a good site. I don't see any problem with it. I completed some offers for some members and made 25 dollars for each offer. I did have to spend a few bucks for each offer but the 25 bucks covered it and I got paid as soon as the offer showed complete. If you folks worry about giving out your card or bank account info then simply use a gift card or a credit card that you can get a Walgreens where you can load the amount of money you want on it. It is not a scam, it works if you work it! (07/28/2007)

By Cruz

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

I believe they are a Scam. I was taken in big time. I sent them payment through paypal, and never received another word from them. No email, no nothing. I sent them several emails asking for what I'd paid them for, and they won't reply. When I try to log in, they won't accept it. So what am I to think? SCAMMED again. I just want my money returned to Paypal. How do I get it back? (08/28/2007)

By Lavina Finley

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

Contact Paypal and file a dispute claim against them for fraud. (08/29/2007)

By imaqt1962

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

The Project Payday book is an E-book. You have to read it online. Nothing in book form comes in the US Mail. And I am not interested in their program. I made a point of reading about it because I was trying to talk someone out of doing it. Seems to me that accepting offers and canceling stuff at the last second causes nothing but problems for credit cards. (09/04/2007)

By cookwie

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

Interesting thing: I signed up for it using a different email account, and since then, in both of my email accounts, I have received a steady flow of email solicitations concerning penis enlargement. That is extremely annoying, unwanted spam. Block one address, and three more follow, etc. (11/08/2007)

By David D

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

You can't keep a good thing a secret. If this really worked like they say, everybody would let all their friends and relatives in on it and everybody would be a rich. Is that realistic? I don't think so. (11/17/2007)

By Robert

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

If Project PayDay Was "free" then why do you need a credit card? (01/12/2008)

By Jonathan

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for your input! I was suspicious and figured I'd do some research on the matter before getting involved. GLAD I DID! (01/16/2008)

By Poor Richard

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

I noticed that most of the people in favor of this site are GUEST POSTERS. That right there is fishy to me. (01/17/2008)

By mom-from-missouri

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

No, it is definitely not a scam. However, it takes hard work at least 2 to 3 hours per day. You can make a quick $300 to $400 dollars in profit, if you stay organized and read the terms and conditions. It's a lot better than working nights! I tell you, if you loose $10 on an offer but gain $25 for going green. You still earned $15 in profit and many of the offers are $1. Beware: At one point or another you will need to switch to Method 2 and start paying others for being a referral. You will run out of reasonable offers. This is not a scam, I have used it for 3 months now and made about $300 in profit, part-time. (01/23/2008)

By Gail.

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

I completed a sponsor's offer and after that nothing happened. (02/11/2008)

By Mas

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

After Altman explained the whole system to me over the phone, I understood the system. It isn't something I want to do, but it isn't a scam. He told me about the problems with Project Payday and how it actually works. Its good information to know, but its just not right for me. He did suggest NOT to join Project Payday. Thanks for the information dude!


By John

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

You are right, a pre-paid credit card will not work. Here is the truth. This is a ROYAL pain. After making 3 offers the 4th and 5th would not go through. I contacted my CC co. They said since so much activity was going on they put a block on my card. I gratefully thanked them. I then called the 3 companies to cancel. They were just doing their job but they tried to sell me to stay, 1 guy even seemed pissed off, maybe he knows about this activity.

Bottom line it is just or worth risking your good credit for a few bucks. Maybe the other side of the fence is sweeter. You know the guys that want you to go green for them, but I have found in just one day that this is a scam in the sense that you are wasting companies time by signing up with no intention of staying on course. Like I said I made only 3 offers and what a PAIN. I can not imagine doing 10, 20 or more. My head is spinning from just 3. Keep your sanity and your good credit. Oh and by the way I don't have a better offer to give you. And I love Jelly Belly's. (03/07/2008)

By quintocleo

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

Its definitely not worth if you don't know which offers to do. You have to be smart about which offers you choose. For example, if you do the offer called Lifelock, its a company that tries to ensure no one steals your identity, constantly monitors your credit, etc. Another example is a stamps offer which is sponsored by the United States Postal service. The Gov won't take your info or sell it either. A lot of people don't look into the offers they do. The Project Payday manual doesn't tell you all that. I've been getting money fine with it and my credit score is at 770. When you sign up for offers, don't sign for the stupid crap that says "eAuction sucess" or "Google Ad Word training kit!". Stick to companies you've heard of. Like doing the Blockbuster trial isn't gonna hurt. Blockbuster won't sell your information.

A lot of new people just don't know what they are doing and they jump into it without getting enough facts. The PPD manual is NOT enough to explain everything. Everyone I've got started is doing fine. I suggest that you start a junk mail account and start a free internet phone number. Plenty of sites out there that will provide you with a phone number. etc.


By Altman

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

Right and all you have to do is keep signing up then canceling. Sooner or later your credit card companies are going to get wise. (03/10/2008)

By quintocleo

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

Not at all, as someone mentioned its possible to access the information without costing you anything. It gives you a pretty thorough walk through what you need to do and what is possible. It doesn't make huge promises of untold wealth, just a method of making extra money that DOES work if you bother to follow the instructions/tips they give. Someone mentions that you have to remember to cancel the offers and its true and its also stated in the information, they even recommend *gasp* keeping track of them either with something like notepad or one of the spreadsheet downloads they offer.

IMO a SCAM is where you spend money and get NOTHING useful back. I was able to get a membership for free. Did a couple of offers on my first try and made $75 at the cost of $6.95 for products I then canceled later. From then I can consistently get a few hundred per week by method 2. Its not rocket science, Its not a "get rich quick" scheme. Its simply follow instructions, make some extra money or get some things. (03/18/2008)

By Beaux

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

Does anyone ever get refunds on these labyrinth schemes to make money? This is for those who wade through deep swamps to get to a bit of dry land. What was I thinking? (03/22/2008)

By Elayne

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

Affiliate marketing is another bad idea. Spend days writing articles, publishing articles about products you never used or intend to use (lying) just to get a few bucks by a company you are making big bucks for. Anyone who tells you its great, I mean has a great self interest. Maybe I will turn this into a article...ha! (04/09/2008)

By quintocleo

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

If your the kind of person that likes standing in line at the DMV, going to the dentist, doing your laundry late at night in the bad part of town or making arrangements for a loved one's funeral then maybe Project Payday is for you. (05/06/2008)


RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

Well anyways, I am relentless about finding a way to get paid online because someone is and might as well be me. I signed up for PP and it didn't take but $7 and it works like trades, so you will do work. However I just started so I will let you all know more later. All I know is someone offered me a payment after my first few minutes. He told me to take my time and always look over the finer details. Plus it is built up like a myspace account so you can see who you are dealing with and you can track their trade record percentage. I'll let you know more when I do. (05/21/2008)

By D.

You Be The Judge.

Well, if you will look below you will see the last post was by me. I promised to keep you posted about my results on PP. I have been going at it on and off for about a week and yes I have made money. There is great potential to make a lot more. But do not be confused it does take work and some understanding. No, you do not have to live your life on the internet, but you will need to build rapport with who you choose to work with. Well, I need to go make some more cash. I'll be back with more results once I start some of the other methods. (06/04/2008)

By D

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

I agree with the poster from about, oh, 11,000 posts ago ;) . I filled out one of the free offers and was NOT able to join. I emailed Project Payday on numerous occasions, including attaching the link to my receipt for the free offer, and nothing, zip, zilch, nada. Don't think I'll be using them.

sofoddi (06/13/2008)

By sofoddi

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

I have been looking for sites to make money. If they ask you to PAY for the information then they aren't legit. If you go to work in the world who asks you to pay them to train you to work? And also who asks for your cc info to hie you. You are allegedly paying for a "service". To make money you have to spend money and cancel which is making you break the law. You aren't suppose to use CC's to scam people in offers. Beware of what you are signing up for. A legit business would welcome you on board without you having to pay them, unless are they acting like they are training you? Then are they an accredited institute of learning? (06/20/2008)

By guest

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

When the economy is slow like this all over the world, anything likes this that is too good to be true, especially to make money that easily, it can't be good or real. Just think about that, if it's that easy to make money just for few hours a day at home, why would people need to find real jobs. (07/10/2008)

By Ting

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

I'm averaging about $50 - $100 a day from Project Payday. I'm not working with the IFWs but the referral program with Bria.

By Chris

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

I made about $200.00 before I got tired of the same old offers on the referred sites. But what really got my goat was after you gave your credit card number for the offer, it would not go through and you didn't receive the credit you needed to complete the offer in order to "go green" (make the agreed upon commission). That became real tiresome after a while. Is it a scam though? Depends on your insight to what a scam is, my opinion though is YES. (08/02/2008)

By Mary

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

I was literally on the page where you have to pay the three dollar shipping charge, and got a funny feeling in my gut. I went to the terms and conditions and you have to cancel within a certain amount of time or you get auto-charged 39 bucks or something. I am looking for an easy, good money making, non-scam job and I keep running into roadblocks! From selling Acai berries to processing non-existent rebates. From finding fake "Underground Cash" secrets to starting and stopping credit card payments. From selling "crap" on e-bay to filling out meaningless surveys you get paid $1 or so for. Are there any real good paying online jobs that won't take me days to get set up that I can actually make money from? Thanks. (08/19/2008)


RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

My advice: NEVER join anything that requires having to pay information to get started &/or access to their records of success. If you are looking into investments then open up an ebay store and paypal and perhaps and find something good to sell regularly. Or you can get an advanced computer system, very fast internet, and host your own websites and stick ads on it. AdSense, Kontera TextLink, and Commission Junction are great examples. Some websites share their ads. It could take years to get traffic.

If you are looking for work, then start googling "telecommute". Look for free job listing sites that do not require registration. And there are plenty of jobs but most of them require years of related experience.

By Im_Correct

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

I tried it and it was very stressful. I was lucky to find someone cool enough to try and show me the ropes. Most of the people on the site are full of it and misleading. I just do regular surveys now and try to find real work. Project payday takes more time to make money and half the time you don't get credit for the offers you do and then have to do more. I also did one offer and it said I was declined yet I checked my bank account and it had not been declined but in fact charged my credit card, and not to mention the people you have to deal with when you cancel the trials. It is not worth it at all. (10/05/2008)


Archive: Is Project Payday a Scam?

Is Project Payday legit? What is a legit business for part-time online/at home work?

Tracy from St. Clairsville, OH

Editor's Note: Please feel free to post your personal experience regarding Project Payday. Posts with links to other sites will be removed by our moderation team.


RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

I am writing to request the $100 guarantee since I have made no money in the 24 hours since signing up for project payday. Thanks. (11/17/2008)

By Brenda

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

Project Payday is real. But the first start I am only making $16 dollars for one offer, but I keep doing other offer my debit card won't go though either they said is declined or something wrong with the page.The second offer I did is support to be a 1 credit site, the 3site of .25 is completed and last one is not let me go though.

I talked to my CC and they think someone stole my D.C.A!And they want to check, and also I asked the Trader of the offer they doesn't know what happen to it! It just doesn't go though.well! And the same time I saw my C.O has missing money from some random company and I never order things. And I have to cancel my card and get a new one. I still waiting for my card from my bank. Should I do it again! But the true is I did make the money from them! But the problem! (11/27/2008)

By lammui

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

I also tried Project Payday. It's not a scam, but it's a lot harder to make money than they say it is. Basically, the idea behind it is that people pay you for completing referrals for them on different sites. For example, someone wants to win a free laptop or something, but they need to refer 12 people and have them sign up for the offers. They pay you to sign up for them. They try to make it sound easy, and the idea behind it is simple, but actually signing up for all these different offers can get stressful like Missy said. Sometimes you even have to sign up for 3 different offers to make as little as $25. Then there's the whole pain of canceling the offers that you don't really want. Those customer service people can be really pushy when you try to cancel something. IMO, it is a legitimate business, but it's not really worth the effort. (12/30/2008)

By Mike

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

People such as them will never stop preying on those who are in need. They are opportunists. Ii give up on trying to work from home. I'm just going to have to keep searching elsewhere, even though jobs are very scarce in my city. (01/18/2009)

By josh

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

The bad thing about project payday is when you sign up for offer and you did not cancel the service they will charge you 12-40 $ every month especially when you sign up for hundreds of offer to make a little bit of money you will forget what offers you sign up to. (01/30/2009)

By mohammad

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

This manner of moneymaking is not a scam, its tedious, but you really can make double to triple the cash you put down on the sign ups.

If you are at the second tier your not putting any of money down at all. Canceling trials is not hard. Yes, its the job of the person on the other end to keep you on, they are following a script.

Just put the phone on speaker...say cancel. They go say I don't care. I cant afford this at this time cancel me period. If they talk again say "shut up" confirm my cancellation. Should take less than 5 minutes. (02/07/2009)

By honestly

Project Payday

I'm not sure if it's a total scam, but it's definitely not worth it.

I joined and didn't make any money. The offers you have to complete for $1 a pop or fifty cents are crazy. You end up signing up for hundreds of offers and then having to remember to cancel them all. (02/09/2009)

By Dave

Project Payday Works, But It's Very Involved

I used the Project Payday method about a year and a half ago. I made about $200 in a week. I made sure I kept very tight records of all the offers I had tried, and I canceled all of them on time.

Still, within less than a month, one company charged me a bunch of money for a "membership". My saving grace was my records, which included the cancellation confirmation number. Because of this, I got my money back

Moral of the story: Project Payday works when you need money in a jiffy, but keep tight records! (02/17/2009)

By Tom

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

Well, project payday is not a scam in the sense that its methods actually do produce the results that it claims. The catch, though, is that all the information found in the system can be gathered easily without buying the program. (03/30/2009)

By ProjectPayday

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

I am desperately looking for some discretionary income...yada yada...found this site. My first and last red flag was when the site told me I was already a member. They knew me regardless of the fact that I had a brand new email account. Incredibly precarious and I do not trust them. I will move on, maybe ill work at job lots but I wont work for them. (10/20/2009)

By sec0826

<img src="" width="400" height="300" alt="RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?" />

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

ProjectPayday may not be a scam but to collect my "fast $50" cost me over $57 to fulfill the requirements. I now know how to prevent that but today (Aug 9, 2010) some yahoo called me and tried to talk me into "investing in my business " by using my credit cards. I kept telling the guy that I was debt-free, why in the world would I go into debt to get "coaching" to grow my business?

After awhile they start to demean you, make you feel stupid, if you don't follow their "tried and true" advice. I stood firm! I am almost 70 years old and I told him I would be a Wal-Mart greeter before I would do something so stupid as to go into debt! I need so badly to find something online that I can do to supplement my social security. Additionally, the yahoo couldn't even remember my name, calling me by another. In my honest opinion, stay far, far away from Project Payday. (08/09/2010)

By junebug1024

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

IM_Correct writes to try telecommuting websites.

Did you know that almost all the telecommuting websites want you to pay a subscription fee to access jobs? One even has the nerve to say that to register you need a password (which you can get for 15.00). It is almost as bad as the mystery shopper market which also charges you for listings. I found one that didn't but the jobs were either for females (I am male), they were hours away from me or they were few and far between. After 2 months. they stopped sending me offers.

To all of you who support project payday, good luck to you when someone wont listen to you and continues to charge your credit or debit card. I am not gong to sign up for an offer for a credit card just to make a few dollars. I joined a company once for viral marketing. They were in Quebec and didn't speak English. Kept charging my card even though I said stop. Wound up having the credit card company change my number.

So I would take this with a grain of salt. Be leery of any offer you have to pay for up front to make money. Including the latest internet gurus great project. IF his project is great, and then you buy it, why is he sending you info on someone else's project the next week?

You can make money with Affiliate marketing but it is a long tedious hall. Get a free website or a blog and go to article marketing, facebook, myspace etc. (Facebook does PPC so it may cost somewhat). These methods will not make you a millionaire (sorry "millionaire affiliate" or Rosalind Gardner), but they may make you some decent billing if you are willing to put in time and effort.

The only way to make money on line is to create some program that doesn't work and then con others into thinking it is great. Sell to them or get some other poor bastard to sell to other poor bastards. (08/27/2010)

By harlan1s

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

48 hours after signing up by doing a special offer, I received a phone call from a company that said they were not affiliated with Project Payday but had received my basic info from PP. They said they would extend an offer to have me join their company and help me build my own business, but first they needed to ask me a series of questions.

Many of the questions were to obtain personal info such as bank accounts, home ownership, mortgage info (how much equity), credit cards. They wanted to know how much credit limit I had on each card. They wanted exact numbers for these questions. Of course I refused to give exact numbers. After several attempts to get the info from me, the girl just hung up. I have read feedback from some of the other people. A few are reporting a small amount of success with PP. In my opinion, any company that associates or sells my info to a company that must have exact numbers of credit card limits, etc., I will not trust and will be canceling my association with Project Payday. (09/21/2010)

By htthree

RE: Is Project Payday a Scam?

I checked each of the offers and each one was a scam. Kind of leaves the impression that Payday is also a scam. (12/28/2010)

By Beckyj4

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