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Project Payday Reviews

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Project Payday Reviews

If you have been looking for work from home opportunities, you may have come across Project Payday and are trying to get some information on the company. This page contains Project Payday reviews.



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Question: Is Project Payday a Scam?

Has anyone been successful in working for Project Payday? I would like to know if this is a valid money making job, or is it a scam?

By Martha from TN


Best Answers

By Edge V.09/29/2014

I joined them at the end of August 2014. I am only doing the referral program. I have seen over 2 dozen youtube videos with people claiming they only do the referral program and are making 100.00s of dollars per day. That, is a bit far-fetched in my opinion. I have been doing the posting, blogging and using forums and many many classified ad sites as told and in 4 weeks, I have made a whopping 1.50

I find that the people bragging on youtube are being secretive and liars. I saw one video of a guy who claimed (using only the referral program) he made 65,000.00 in two days. Again, that's a lie.

Best Answers

By tahlula [4]01/10/2011

It is absolutely a scam. Beware!

Best Answers

By Holly [349]01/08/2011

I looked into it for someone who needed to extricate themselves from this program. Scam. You have to spend so much $ and time 'earning' the rewards, that you come out at a loss. The forms are confusing enough to where you end up ordering items accidentally.

Best Answers

By Jillian [1]01/08/2011

Definitely a scam! Stay away from project payday! If you want more details, just google "project payday".

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Archive: Is Project Payday a Scam?

Is Project Payday legit? What is a legit business for part-time online/at home work?