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Shortening Men's Shirt Sleeves

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Men's Shirt

Altering the length of sleeves can add extended wear and save you money. This guide is about shortening men's shirt sleeves.



Here are questions related to Shortening Men's Shirt Sleeves.

Question: Altering Men's Shirt Sleeves From Long to Short

I am altering men's shirt sleeves from long to short. They are definitely tapered. Help please!


Most Recent Answer

By Jackie [1]03/08/2007

you may have to taper and reshape the hem to fit, usually I measure 10" from the shoulder draw my hem line with chalk, leave a 1 1/2 hem hem allowance to be turned under once for a nice finish. You can then judge if you split the seam if you can make it fit, press the hem allowance up. It usually works just fine.

Question: How Do You Shorten Men's Shirt Sleeves?

How can you shorten men's long sleeve shirts to short sleeves? After cutting off the sleeves my hems end up not being big enough around so they leave little pleats at the seam line. I often take out a small length of the underarm seam where I turn up the hem but that doesn't work to well. I have received about 25 long sleeve shirts and want to shorten the sleeves. Big savings.

Seamtress from Illinois


Most Recent Answer

By Juanita C (Guest Post)08/20/2008

Is there an easier way to shorten sleeve just about 1" without taking the sleeve off the shirt

Solutions: Shortening Men's Shirt Sleeves

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