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Removing WD-40 Stain from a T-shirt


I used WD-40 to remove a grease stain from a t-shirt. Now the WD-40 won't come out. What will work to remove the new stain?

Connie from Imperial, MO



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By Cyinda 214 1,287 06/04/2008 Flag

Try using GOOP, the hand cleaner. Scrub it in really well with an old toothbrush.

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By sodagirl (Guest Post) 06/04/2008 Flag

Dawn dish detergent works very good on any oil stain, they use it to clean up after oil slicks so it must work ! I use it instead of a pretreater.

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By Max Odell 1 2 06/04/2008 Flag

I use Zout, no I didn't misspell Shout. I use it on ALL my stains... red wine, spagetti sauce, grease. It will even take out stains that you have missed, laundered and dried. Just spray it on, rub it in and toss in the washer.

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By Cynthia Mullen 59 06/05/2008 Flag

Dear Connie,
hon, the reason it stained is cos WD-40 also has an oily base to it. Just so you won't feel too bad, I'll tell you a little story that happened when I was a young mom. I was driving and my husband was a mechanic, he left his can of WD in the car.

Back then, it wasn't the law to put kids in car seats. I kept hearing a psssst sound and started smelling the WD-40. I pulled over and it was my youngest daughter spraying it in her mouth! I was terrified! I called her pediatrician and instantly got mad at him cos he started laughing at me! I said well, can it hurt her? He said, "no, but she won't squeak for a long time! " Needless to say, I wasn't near as amused as he was! Have a good day!

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By VickieG. (Guest Post) 06/23/2008 Flag

This is for Cindy56. I cannot believe your DOCTOR said it was OK for your daughter to repeatedly spray WD-40 in her mouth. Check out the MSDS for WD-40. It is dangerous, and you were lucky.

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