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15 Year Old Birthday Ideas


I will be fifteen on November 1st and I want to do something cool for my birthday, but I don't know what to do. Can you give me some ideas?

By Hannah from Unicoi, TN


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By Dani G 1 01/06/2011 Flag

I'm turning fifteen in August! I'm acually Mexican but, I am not having a quince, instead I'm having a party at home. So, movies, dance party, bonfire, and a nice but not fancy dinner. :)

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By Este 3 13 03/20/2012 Flag

I want to wish you a very happy birthday! May you have a wonderful year to come!
The idea of giving back to others sounds good and I think will give you the most satisfaction in the long run!

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By anne.v.castle 1 05/02/2013 Flag

I am turning 15 in 17 days and I have no idea how to celebrate it, so can someone help me. I mostly like dark things, but my friends like light stuff. And are energetic. So can please someone help me. I need help. Oh! And I am a girl.

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By Nickey 1 07/15/2013 Flag

I am turning 15 on the 22 of July and I have 3 friends coming and I am going camping. What should I do?

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By stelagomez 1 1 07/18/2013 Flag

Hi, I think I can help you. Since you're going to a camp, you should buy marshmallows and food. You can burn the marshmallows at around 3:00 am with your friends and create a big bonfire :)

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By Grace T. 1 07/04/2015 Flag

I'm turning 15 at the end of August and I am just having a few friends and family over, but we were going to a powder paint fight. We are also just using crushed chalk so it doesnt stain clothes.

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15 Year Old Birthday Ideas. My daughter will be turning 15 years old in May. I would like to do something very special with her and 3 of her friends.

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