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We recently moved the ugly "wishing well" that sat over the normal ugly well pipe that sticks out of the ground. We are looking for new and different ideas to cover this up.

There are at least ten wishing wells on our street, two pyramid type lattice covers, raised rock beds, etc. Ours is right near the end of our driveway about ten feet off of the road. It is very much in the open. We are considering using whatever we use to cover this with as an address sign as well. Any creative ideas?

Also, I had seen in a woodworking magazine where they built a three or four foot lighthouse and sat it over the well pipe. It was very cute, but not my style.



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By Jarron (Guest Post) 05/11/2004

You can try here. They have "boulders" dnd "rocks" to cover such things.

http://www.improvementscatalog.com/ ... product=212018zz&dept%5Fid=12120

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By suzie (Guest Post) 05/12/2004

What about a (fake) wishing well filled with dirt and flowers? We did this in our yard and it looks great.

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By (Guest Post) 06/08/2004

I would suggest a natural camouflage. Use the pipe for a climbing rose paired with a pretty vine or perhaps a tall ornamental grass. Instant garden.Can you get a purple martin house out of it too?

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By John (Guest Post) 10/11/2004

I own a company that distributes plastic designer rocks that look real. My web page is http://www.septiccapcovers.com, please check it out. I'm sure I have something you might like to cover your well.

John 248-672-1015

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By Tara (Guest Post) 02/13/2005

The store http://www.exterior-accents.com is cheaper than the Improvements Catalog that Jarron mentioned. Plus they have free shipping on orders over $300.

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By Chris B. (Guest Post) 06/09/2005

I did see a resin faux tree stump and I'd like to get one of those but don't know where. Any ideas? I did the rock thing on another pipe but really would like the faux tree stump. Thanks

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By Ann (Guest Post) 03/01/2006

You can find a faux tree stump to cover the pipe at www.harrietcarter.com.

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