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Plastic Soda Bottle Wind Chimes


Does anyone know how wide or long the cut needs to be in plastic soda bottle wind chimes. The cut is in the side of the bottle. Does the lid need to be left on?

Deb from Knox, TN



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By (Guest Post) 03/11/2008

I sure would like to know the answer to this one, it sounds so good i would like to possibly make it myself. pink2teach AT

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By Michele (Guest Post) 03/12/2008

This is what I found, I hope it helps. Love the idea of recycling into crafts and decor.

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By Lisa Austin 21 89 03/13/2008

HAS ANYONE GOT A PHOTOGRAPH OF THIS? It seems interesting but I sure would like to see it to help me make one. Thanks. I checked on the link but no photo!

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By Babette 36 232 03/14/2008

Is this what you are referring to as a wind chime? I made this years ago that's why it's a little dirty, here's proof that they last at least 10 years if they're not hanging in the sun.

Take your 1 or 2 leader bottle, rap a piece of paper around the middle, (you may need to tape 2 pieces together to make it fit) of the workable surface from top to bottom (some bottles have a ridge on them work between this) fold the strip of paper into 6 sections, lightly mark each of these sections on the bottle, on the 1st section of paper draw out your design, leaving at least an inch from the top and the bottom before you start your design, be sure not to move into the next section, cut it out, this is now your pattern, place it on your bottle and lightly draw where you're going to cut. I used a soldering iron with a very fine nail in the tip, I'm sure you could use a wood burning tool also.

After you've cut out to design carefully fold back that piece of plastic. I do leave the cap on, heavy fishing line to suspend from a key ring a bead on the inside of the cap that I melted a tiny hole in and I use a fishing lure on the line that it's hanging on so it can spin freely.

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By kayla (Guest Post) 04/10/2008

I would really like to know how to make that. I like this thing, so cool.

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By Tom J. (Guest Post) 11/12/2008

It's silly, cheers, Tom

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